Public Gathering Hub Coming to Dead Downtown Lot

The City of Orlando announced October 12th that it will be transforming a vacant lot at the corner of Orange and Robinson (MAP) into a "modern interactive public gathering space." This announcement initiates the process to start design and construction. 

The area will serve a range of uses. The space will include the following:
  1. open space
  2. unique retail/eating space
  3. multi-media viewing space
  4. impromptu performance space
The project is part of the City of Orlando's investment of approximately $65 million into neighborhood infrastructure improvements. The funding will come from a variety of sources including the Stormwater Fund, the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Fund and the issuance of a capital improvement bond. This dedicated funding will not increase the City’s annual General Fund debt service obligation.

The City of Orlando has not begun the process of design yet on the corner lot. Above is an example of a public gathering space combined with retail and restaurant called Pier 29 in San Francisco. Source

The actual Orange & Robinson corner the new interactive space will be constructed