Non-Black Chefs Tell Orlando What Dessert Is

Visit Orlando, Mayor Teresa Jacobs, a bunch of non-black Chefs, and John Rife have taken it upon themselves to crowdsource the answer to a question nobody asked: What is Orlando's signature dish?

The thought came to Jacobs when she was traveling. Many major cities have a food they're known for. Philly Cheesesteaks. New York City Pizza. Chicago Deep Dish.

But what about Orlando?

Asked no one.

Visit Orlando was responsible for the selection of the businesses for this meeting according to  Orange County Information Officer Carrie Proudfit. She  told The Daily City, "I believe Visit Orlando coordinated with guests attending this specific mtg. In terms of the original outreach to restaurants, it is also my understanding that Visit Orlando took the lead on those efforts."

The group of hotel chefs and the same white faces we see every time the topic of food is needed to brand our City so Amazon will gift us with jobs sat in a walled off room with no windows as pearl-necklaced Jacobs held court. They devised the idea that rather than just pick the dish themselves, let the people vote or let it happen organically, they'd pick a theme (honey), and each make a dessert centered around the theme.

To see the desserts they came up with go to Voting ends Nov. 9th. Vote for the food truck.