50-Unit Shipping Container Apartment Complex Homes Coming to Orlando

Central Florida is receiving a $5 million dollar grant from JP Morgan Chase specifically purposed for low income housing funding in the Orlando region. A portion of it is going towards Crisis Housing Solutions’ shipping container home project according to Orlando Sentinel. The homes will be at two sites. Those sites will be announced by the end of the year.

Crisis Housing Solutions provides temporary & permanent housing support services for those made homeless, or in danger of becoming homeless, due to natural, manmade or economic disasters.

Crisis Housing Solutions already received a $450,000 grant to develop the nation’s first high-density multifamily rental complex using repurposed shipping containers right here in Central Florida. 

CHS says it will cost an estimated $5 million to build the 50-home community built from shipping containers. 

According to CHS a shipping container is constructed to withstand hurricane and typhoon-force wind conditions while stacked nine-high on an ocean-going mega-freighter. (Christine Walsh, May 28th, 2014, Container Design)

Shipping container housing is environmentally friendly:
  1. More eco-friendly to upcycle a container rather than scrapping and sending to a landfill. Steel is not a compostable material.
  2. Acidification – the effects of building corrosion, water body acidification, vegetation effects and soil effects are greater with conventional construction than containers. (ISBU Association)
  3. Containers nearly eliminate the use of trees (i.e., wood) in building a home.
  4. Energy savings – shipping containers are a tight envelope and, with careful modification and proper insulation, provide a very efficient building.