"Nobody Banged" Female High School Quarterback Says Orlando Radio Host

While live on the air in Orlando Tuesday morning, local radio host Dirty Jim of the Monsters in the Morning radio show said "nobody banged" high schooler Holly Neher after she threw a 42 yard pass that ended in a touchdown.
  • Other Host: Everybody was all happy. 
  • Dirty Jim: Yeah yeah. That's cool.
  • Other Host: In other ridiculous..
  • Dirty Jim: I mean nobody banged her but...
  • Host: What?
  • Dirty Jim: That was terrible. Sorry. 
  • Other Host:  What?
  • Dirty Jim: It was a joke. It was supposed to be a joke. It was terrible. I said nobody had sex with her... because... I shouldn't have said that. 
  • Other Host: She's in high school.   
  • Dirty Jim: I know. That's what I'm saying. I should take that back. That's bad.  

Below is the audio from the Tuesday September 5th show broadcast live on 104.1.

According to Business Insider, the female quarterback made high school football history by throwing the longest pass ever, which also ended in a touchdown, Thursday evening. This was her very first pass ever in a game.  Below is video of the pass and the touchdown.

On Twitter Dirty Jim describes himself as "Husband, Dad, Golfer, Poker Player, Cook... Appreciates all things funny." The radio host also hosts a cooking show on the same station.