Lineage Coffee Gets $7K for New Mills50 Location

We told you in March that Lineage Coffee Roasting (Website) plans to open a second location of its craft coffee roasting business at 1011 East Colonial Drive in the Mills50 District next door to Lazy Moon Pizza. Lineage currently has an operation at East End Market in the Audubon Park Garden District. The new project consists of a complete interior build out including new plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, new ADA compliant restrooms as well as 46 seats. Lineage plans to create 10 new full-time jobs through this project. Total capital investment for this project is approximately $250,000.

Lineage has requested assistance through the City of Orlando's Business Assistance Program. The Business Assistance Program (BAP) is a matching grant program that was approved by the Orlando City Council on June 18, 2001 to encourage small businesses to locate, expand or redevelop in the City of Orlando. The Business Assistance Program assists with small-scale infrastructure projects, building permitting fees and impact fees. The BAP pays fifty percent of eligible fees. The maximum amount granted under the program guidelines is $20,000. 

Total eligible fees for Lineage under the Business Assistance Program, are $15,085.30. The BAP will pay fifty percent of eligible fees ($7,542.65). The fee breakdown is as follows: Transportation Impact Fee @ 50% = 2,305.25, Sewer Benefit Fee @ 50% = $5,237.40.

The original location inside East End Market Photo Credit

Their new location next door to Lazy Moon Pizza in Mills50. Photo Credit: The Daily City