Hourglass District to be Hub for Foxtail Coffee, Craft Beer Brewery, Woodfire Pizza, Farmers Market and More

Several small buildings near the Bumby & Curry Ford intersection have been purchased by National Real Estate (WEB). They've named the area the Hourglass District (Website). They've announced several tenants and have more in the works. This is the same company that bought and are in the process of redeveloping the restaurant and retail hub in Milk District at the corner of Robinson & Bumby. Below is a list of all the projects in the works given to us by National Real Estate. 

Hourglass Market - A soon-to-be-refurbished strip mall at 2401 Curry Ford Road (MAP) will become a dining and social hub when the dividing walls separating the existing spaces are knocked down to create one giant market space called Hourglass Market (Instagram).  This will be an East End Market-type space with 4 separate businesses under one roof. The market will include the following: (1) Foxtail Coffee (Website) - This will be the brewer's second location outside of its original in Winter Park at 1282 N Orange Ave (MAP). (2) Tamale Co (Facebook) - The food truck's first bricks and mortar location will open here. (3) Bakery - As-yet-announced bakery tenant will move in. (4) Craft Beer Bar - There will be a 6-Seat craft beer bar with wine and cheese and grab & go options. (5) Rear Patio - A large rear patio will allow guests to hang out and eat. 

Farmers Market - The car wash at 2416 Curry Ford Road (MAP) sits in front of 3/4 acre of open space which will be transformed into a gathering space and play host to a farmers market. The car wash will be turned into another seating and lounging area. The house on that 3/4 acre will either be re-habbed into studio apartments or torn down to make more room for the gathering space. After the tenants move out in June an inspection will be done and a determination will be made then. 

Full-Service Gas station - The existing gas station retail space in the same placa will close but the pumps will remain operation. Guests will be treated to the full-service gas station treatment like in the past. Folks can have their gas pumped and windows washed while they pop inside the Hourglass Market for a coffee and snack. 

Lunch Restaurant - A regional lunch chain restaurant is currently in talks to take over the former Tonys Auto Repair building at 1501 S. Bumby Ave (MAP)

Peppinos Woodfire Pizza  - The former Latin Grill at 2420 Curry Ford (MAP) will beome Peppinos Woodfire Pizza (Facebook). Chef Pietro Priola has owned restaurants in Maryland and currently owns a food truck named Peppinos Woodfire Pizza out of Clermont. The restaurant will offer calzone, gourmet pizza, homemade breads and more. 

Brewery - No tenant has been found yet but the goal of the owner is to convert the 2,800 church building on the right into a brewery. The shopping center has an additional 1,600 sq ft for retail. 

Claddagh Cottage Pub - The corner building at 2421 Curry Ford Road (MAP) will become the new home for Claddagh Cottage Pub (Facebook

The two remaining spaces at the end of the Hourglass Market plaza at 2401 Curry Ford Road (MAP) contain a salon and a dance studio, both of which will remain. 

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