Coffee, Vegetables and Events to Compliment Paint & Decor Store Opening in Former Lombardi's Seafood Building

A paint, decor and coffee shop will be opening inside the former Lombardi Seafood building in Winter Park called Winter Park Paint Supply & Design. It will act as a mercantile store with a myriad of products and services including decor   and staples for the garden, front porch, back porch and fire pit. The decor will include indoor/outdoorpieces with a rustic and shabby chic focus, all sourced from Southern providers and makers. 

Product pricing will fall in the $98-$329 range. 

The coffee shop will have seating and the coffee will be sourced directly from the growers.

There's a large 1,750 sq ft back space with gigantic ceilings that resembles a large event space or art museum. The use for the space has not been defined yet.

An area of the store will be dedicated to showcasing a selection of fresh vegetables. They'll be grown using hydroponics towers which will also be for sale.

Paint, painting supplies and interior design services will be located in a medium size room in the rear of the store.

Opening date is May 29th.