World's Tallest Drop River Raft Ride Coming to Orlando

Today Sea World announced the creation of Infinity Falls, a new 4-minute , 8-passenger ride coming to the Orlando theme park Summer 2018. The ride will feature the world’s tallest drop on a river raft ride, category IV rapids and a unique elevator lift. It'll be built by Intamin Amusement Rides, Switzerland.

"The adventure will immerse guests in a lush, freshwater rainforest while sharing the importance of water conservation."

This is considered a family-friendly thrill ride for all ages and will include a village area to explore. Guests will also "actively participate in helping freshwater ecosystems from inside the park."

That ride height is 1,520 linear feet and the drop is 40 feet – the tallest river raft ride drop in the world. The ride is the first of its kind in North America

The backstory: "Not long ago, a drone sent to explore the jungles of South America discovered previously uncharted structures in a remote area along the banks of a freshwater river. A group of explorers and scientists were sent to investigate the discovery. Upon arrival they set up base camp near an abandoned structure. They studied and explored the river, falling in love with its power and the nature living along its banks. Inspired by the river, they developed a sustainable camp for others to visit and explore so they too, could learn more about the jungle and how their connection to the waters of the world."