Was This Dead Kissimmee Hotel Inspired by Epcot's Mexico Pavilion?

According to Growthspotter, a Canadian developer with a history of turning old hotels into new condos is buying the empty hotel at 4944 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746 (MAP) and and turning it into apartments after a complete gutting.

The hotel was built on 8 acres of lakefront property in 1984. It's got 5 stories and 222 rooms (ListingListing). In 1985 a pool was added. The property is owned by Orlando Celebration LLC. 
The project intends to keep the existing structure and footprint of the building while making minor modifications according to the April 6th permit they filed with Osceola County.  The proposed project consists in the conversion of an existing vacant hotel of approximately 110,000 gross S.F. into an apartment complex of approximately 107 units of one bedroom and 16 studios. The restaurant portion of the hotel will be converted into apartment units. 

OPINION AND SPECULATION: The original architectural style of the building might have been inspired by EPCOT's Mexico pavilion. While no documentation offers any hard proof, the following is true: 
  1. EPCOT opened in 1982 and this hotel opened two years after. 
  2. Both share architectural elements from the MesoAmerican pyramids 
  3. Both are five stories tall
  4. Both feature a sloping front
  5. Both have stair-like detailing that lead from the ground to the top of the roof
  6. Both have decks/balconies/levels