The Fleet Farming Folks Are Offering $1,000 Grants to Start Your Own Awesome Community Idea

On April 1, IDEAS For Us launched the Solutions Fund for its members, a series of microgrants up to $1,000 each given out every quarter. The recipients will appear on the org's Solutions Map "with the aim of creating a network of successful, measurable, and scalable project plans available all over the globe."

Membership is required to apply. The impact of the project must be tracked and measurable. Deadline is May 1. Apply here: Guidelines | Policy | Application 

The Solutions Fund committee is more likely to fund projects which:
  1. Can be completed with the amount of money awarded with the grant
  2. Can be replicated and scale in size
  3. Contribute directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 
  4. Create a measurable impact, which can be tracked by the team leading the project
  5. Can be documented with photos and video
The Solutions Fund committee is not likely to:
  1. Directly fund ongoing operational expenses of organization
  2. Fund projects whose impact is not easily tracked and quantified
  3. Fund projects whose purpose falls outside of IDEAS mission or the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Since 2008, IDEAS For Us has helped people develop their ideas into hyper-local environmental solutions for their campuses and communities around the world. In the last nine years, its members have achieved the following:
  1. started bike-share programs
  2. cleaned up trash-filled rivers
  3. planted thousands of trees and mangrove seedlings
  4. reinvented sharecropping
  5. replanted wetlands
  6. installed small-scale solar tech
  7. forward action in our Five Pillars of Sustainability (Energy, Water, Food, Waste, and Ecology)

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