SODO DIstrict's Crescent Lucerne Construction Photos Show Progress

Crescent Lucerne is a luxury apartment project (currently pre-leasing!) that sits on 4.6 acres of land in Orlando, adjacent to the Delaney Park neighborhood. It's scheduled to open late 2018 according to Growthspotter. The development will contain the following:
  1. 373 multi-family units
  2. 5-story building on east parcel
  3. 4-story multi-family building plus on west parcel
  4. 31,000 s.f. of retail
  5. 24,000 s.f. Organic grocery store called Earth Fare
  6. 7,000 s.f. for a restaurant
  7. Significant and flexible public realm designed to create an inviting and interactive environment for residents and visitor
  8. 695 parking spaces
These construction photos were taken on Sunday April 2, 2017.

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