Opinion: Lake Eola Needs a Floating Playground

By Mark Baratelli

Two years ago we said the City should build a pool in Lake Eola to make use of the dead urban space at the center of the Lake Eola Park. The lake is a huge amount of acreage right in the heart of downtown left totally unused. And those paddle boats shaped like swans don't count. Yes it's pretty as it is, but if the lake were to be activated with an enjoyable attraction, you'd have grown the size of your park without moving a single bit of earth.

Well now we think it needs a floating playground, too.

Within the man-made lake that Tavistock is building in the Lake Nona development, they're building a playground designed by Wibit (Website) according to Orlando Sentinel. This will activate the water acreage. They're making the lake itself as much of an attraction as the park that will surround it. Below are photos from the Wibit website showing the different configurations. 

Lake Eola Park... you listening?

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