Two Restaurant Spaces Coming to Milk District if Company Moves Forward With Site Plan Submitted to City

The building at 2320 E. Robinson Street (MAP) with the large picture windows facing the intersection of Robinson & Bumby was purchased by National Real Estate (WEB) and renovations have commenced. National Real Estate will be handling the leasing for the building according to Milk District Executive Director Robert Soviero. 

A National Real Estate employee told us that the rear and front spaces of the building will be leased and the central space will not be leased.

There's a permit in to reconfigure and position the front and back portions into restaurant spaces. On the site plan submitted to the City, the front and rear spaces were noted as restaurant spaces. They'd have to get subsequent permits to get that confirmed. Also, in order for these two spaces to be restaurants, parking has to be added to the property. But they've already submitted plans for added parking.

There are some expansions of the parking lot that are being reviewed in permitting that would affect the site plan and provide the minimum amount of parking required for this use. The plans are in at this time with expected eventual revisions and refinements. 
  1. The front space is covered in windows on two of the four walls with clear views of the Bumby & Robinson intersection. 
  2. The back space is a warehouse-like high-ceilinged space with an exterior rear-facng porch. The space has a different address from the adjacent building: 210 N. Bumby Ave (MAP). 
No tenants have been secured or announced according to Soviero. 

The central space inside the 2320 building will contain the offices of National Real Estate. This is the first space to be completely built out of the three and is currently under renovation.

The building has received a new roof and is in the process of receiving new stucco on the exterior walls, doors and windows. 

National Real Estate also owns the buildings next door at 2308 East Robinson (MAP) and 2304 East Robinson (MAP). 

The middle section has received new windows and doors. 

The nook between the middle office space and the back warehouse

The warehouse-style space at  210 N. Bumby Ave has a large covered porch area.

Entrance to the middle office space to be occupied by National Real Estate

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