Green Gallery Art Co-Op Open House for Artists to Explore and Learn

The Green Gallery Art Co-Op at 1280 Palmetto Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789 (MAP) is having an open house April 22nd at 8pm for interested artists who want to learn more about the new space. The open house is mainly for artists but anyone interested in learning more is welcome to attend according to Youngs. There will be music, food, and drinks and then a presentation by Youngs. She will give a talk which will include tips for how artists can market themselves on a budget and then discuss the co-op.

According to gallery owner Shannon “Bunny” Youngs, there will be 6 areas paid for by artists. National shows will hang on the walls of the interior/main room.

On the Map:
  1. The yellow areas are where the national shows will hang. 
  2. The squiggle lines denote where doors will go. 
  3. Spaces 2 and 6 are already taken. 
  4. Space 2 is occupied by Mike "Robot Mike" Sullivan, who has been in the Tribeca Film Festival and on TV shows.