Coming to Orlando: TransitScreen Will Tell You When Every Form of Transportation in Orlando is Coming and Going

ReThink Your Commute (Website), a project by the Florida Department of Transportation, serves as an information portal for alternative means of transportation. On March 30th they shared a photo of an opened box from a company called TransitScreen with the cryptic message, "Something exciting just happened in Central Florida today... More soon." We reached out to ReThink Your Commute twice for clarification but got voicemail both times.

TransitScreen (Website) is a one-screen display of real-time transportation options available nearby. It gives you real-time information versus scheduled arrivals. TransitScreen shows your nearest options including the following:
  1. Real-time drive times
  2. Rideshare (Uber/Lyft, etc)
  3. bikeshare
  4. carshare (Enterprise/ZipCar/Car2Go, etc)
  5. bus
  6. train
  7. Private shuttles
From the website: "Compare train times to bus arrivals on your way to work in the morning. Know when the employee shuttle arrives so you aren’t caught waiting in the cold. Grab another cup at the coffee shop while you wait for your streetcar. Catch a Lyft or an Uber instead of bikeshare if it’s raining. Our products help turn precious time into resources and opportunities, helping people make informed, sustainable decisions to improve quality of life."

The service is active in every major city in the US.

Sample Screen

Entities the Company works with

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