Urban Design, Transportation, Historic Preservation and More Affected by Growth Management Plan Amendments

Rendering of Downtown UCF campus in the Creative Village

In 1991, Orlando City Council adopted the concept of a Growth Management Plan (the “GMP”). The City is required to review it every 7 years and make amendments to update it. Below is the new ordinance with all the new Growth Management Plan amendments. The Municipal Planning Board recommended approval of the proposed amendments on January 17, 2017. It was recommended for approval at the March 20th City Council meeting and recommended that the Mayor present the draft ordinance for second reading and public hearing after comments are provided by state and regional review agencies.

It's a long read but here it is in its entirety: 
This ordinance amends
  1. Urban Design
  2. Future Land Use
  3. Transportation
  4. Housing
  5. Historic Preservation
  6. Conservation
  7. Recreation and Open Space
  8. Cultural Arts
  9. Stormwater and Aquifer Recharge
  10. Wastewater
  11. Solid Waste
  12. Intergovernmental Coordination
  13. Capital Improvements
  14. Public Schools
  15. Monitoring and Evaluation

*Section 163.3191, Florida Statutes, requires each local government to complete an evaluation and appraisal of changes to state growth management laws to determine how the local comprehensive plan must be updated to remain in compliance with state law.  Orlando’s evaluation and appraisal of its Growth Management Plan (GMP) was reviewed by the MPB on April 15, 2016, approved by City Council on May 9, 2016, and acknowledged as received by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity on May 19, 2016. By June 1, 2017, the City must transmit GMP amendments based on the findings of the evaluation.

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