Will Micro Apartments Attract Millennials to Lake Nona?

Only 17% of Lake Nona is 25-34 years old. That might change when a new project called The Distillery comes to fruition in 2019. According to Growthspotter, Orlando will be getting its first taste of micro apartment living when Tavistock's 11-story, 157-unit mixed-use apartment building opens in 2019 just across the street from the 100-acre Lake Nona Town Center commercial district.

LifeEdited.com described a micro apartment as “A small, typically urban, self-contained apartment that is between 150-350 square feet" but also warns some efforts across the country are just companies "re-branding small apartments in areas where there is ample housing stock."

The units range from 358 to 1,737 sq ft with a majority of them containing a two-bedroom floor plan. These smaller offerings are meant to cater to students and millennials says Tavistock.

The architect, responsible for downtown Baldwin Park, will not be using the pre-fabricated modular unit manner of construction found in other micro projects. 

The mixed use apartment building will be steps away Lake Nona Town Center, a 100 acre commercial district.

New York's first luxury micro apartment building offers 300 sq ft living. Perhaps this is what the Lake Nona project will be like. (Photo Credit