Monday, February 13, 2017

Secret Pizza Franchise Coming to Winter Park

EDITED 2/13/16

There's a secret pizza franchise going in at 200 N. Orlando Ave (MAP) according to Growthspotter. The owner of the property isn't naming who it is. Our guesses are Maddio's Pizza and Mellow Mushroom. Maddio's already has a location in Orlando (Waterford Lake)s and can make 200 pizzas per hour. Mellow Mushroom is everywhere and sells liquor.

A commenter on this post suggested it could be Medici Neapolitan Pizza. This seems like the most logical one. According to Orlando Business Journal, this franchise is "eyeing sites" in several Central Florida cities including Winter Park. 

We know it's not Blaze Pizza. They're opening a Winter Park location but it'll be at 501 N. Orlando Ave, not at 200 N. Orlando Ave. Franchise Ranking offers their top 30 pizza franchises if you'd like a guess.

Which franchise do you think it will be?


Jose Araneta said...

MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza

Unknown said...

Central Florida needs more papa Murphys. I know it'll be "new" to you folks but it's worth it and much better than any chain or mom and pop pizza joint.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Are they trying create a mystery for exposure? We are talking about another pizza joint!

The Daily City® said...

People went ape sh** for that Lazy Moon news when it was opening in Mills50. People passionate about pizza are real.