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Second Fort Wilderness Food Truck Coming to Disney

According to Orlando Weekly, there's a new Orlando food truck at Disney World designed to appear like a 1970s recreational vehicle. According to the DBPR record for the Ft Wilderness Food Truck there's going to be a second one! No date is given but it has an Application in Progress. Of course no one knows if it will be as cool as the first one, but since they both share a name, perhaps they will share in the retro splendor as well. The license for the first one expires April 2017. 

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3 Beer Events in Orlando by Breckinridge Brewery

(Press Release)

Breckenridge Brewery is bringing its outdoor-loving, music-and-arts inspired lifestyle to Orlando the week of March 13 as part of its national Breck Trekroadtrip. Breck Trek is led by Todd “Tebo” Thibault, the brewery’s Culture Czar and features Breckenridge Brewery special and rare beers, the Sticky Situation Art Show curated by Ink Monstr, virtual reality experiences, a free concert by Denver-based band, Paper Bird and much more. The Breck Trek stop in Orlando will feature: Sticky Situation Art Show and Pub Crawl: Join Breckenridge Brewery for Sticky Situation art show, virtual reality brewery tours, and yard games, followed by a pub crawl to The Lucky Lure, GB's Bottle Shop and Tasting Bar, and The Thirsty TopherBeer Dinner: Enter to win your spot at the table for a multi-course beer dinner prepared by the chef at The Crooked Spoon and hosted by TeboPaper Bird Concert: Enjoy an evening of upbeat Americana/indie folk music from Denver-based and nationally acclaimed…

10 Things to Know This Week

No Big Box Retail, Drive-Thrus or Gas Stations on 39 Acre Calvary Assembly Property

We told you in August 2016 that Calvary Assembly submitted a planned development to include several additions on their property at 1199 Clay St. (MAP). That 39 acres of property (MAP) located west of Clay Street, south of Oglesby Avenue, east of I-4 and north of Dartmouth Avenue is getting its future land use designation amended to Neighborhood Activity Center and receiving Subarea Policy S.2.5 if City Council approves it on February 27th. 

That Subarea Policy S.2.5 prohibits the following:  big box retaildrive-throughsgas stations  It allows for the following:  400 multifamily dwelling unitsSee planshotel See plansmaximum of 600 PM peak hour tripsother uses as allowed by the N-AC future land use categorykeep the 156 unit senior residential tower (existing)keep the 4,017 seats of religious use (existing)keep the 350 student school, of which 125 are full time and 225 are part time (existing) General area
Specific area

Read the Duplex Ordinance Summary Going Before City Council February 27th

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By Mark Baratelli

After extensive public input at meetings on March 17, 2015, April 21, 2015 and September 21, 2016, the Municipal Planning Board recommended approval of the LDC amendment on December 20, 2016 (LDC2016-00199).  City Council heard a legislative appeal on January 23, 2017. The appeal was denied and staff was directed to prepare an ordinance. Ordinance No. 2017-17 amending the Land Development Code to revise the standards for duplex and tandem development goes before City Council February 27th. 
The purpose of the changes is to continue to encourage redevelopment in the City’s two-family zoning districts while maint…

Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Phase 2 Amendment to Go Before City Council

A new Guaranteed Maximum Price budget amendment for DPAC Stage 2  is going before City Council February 27th for approval. DPAC Stage 2 is the current name for the he as-yet-built 1,700 seat multipurpose acoustic hall at Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Orlando

$237.5 million will be the full project budget for the following costs: construction (within a 36 month period). $190,625,000, is for construction. This amount includes the Guaranteed Maximum Price of $186,625,000 and a construction contingency of $4,800,000. architectural and engineering costsproject managementinspectionsfurniturefixtures
The amendment also includes the following changes:  It authorizes the Chief Administrative Officer of DPAC to approve amendments in an amount not-to-exceed 10% of the GMP. Whiting-Turner Contracting Company is late submitting their Blueprint Plan to the Blueprint Special Projects Manager. They have to do so no later than thirty (30) days after execution of the amendment.Th…

Robinson Gem Goes Commercial with Replat

The .23 sq acre property at 1511 East Robinson Street (MAP) nicknamed "Robinson Gem" will be received a replat to allow for a future commercial development. It'll go from single-family (with home office) to commercial office. The property was purchased in 2015 for $315,000. It's valued in $516,610.

Will $282,000 be Enough to Nab 47 New Orlando Jobs?

City of Orlando and the State of Florida are competing with Nevada to land a new company that would bring Orlando 47 new jobs paying an average annual wage of $50,472 and a capital investment by the company in Orlando of $300,000.

The State of Florida will provide $235,000 to American Tours International, LLC under the QTI program and the City will pay $47,000 ($1,000 per job created paying an average annual wage of $50,472) over a six year period. 
The average annual wage of $50,472 is at least 115% of the 2014 Orange County annual wage. The average value of benefits that will be available to employees is $6,314, which includes medical and dental insurance subsidy, 401K matching and an ATI educational subsidy. ATI’s total capital investment is estimated to be more than $300,000 in construction and equipment.

City staff is recommending this match because ATI is: 1) a targeted growth industry; 2) creating 47 new jobs; 3) investing over $300,000 in construction and equipment; and 4) c…

City Acquiring Retention Pond Named After the Birthplace of Zora Neale Hurston

The City of Orlando is acquiring a retention pond named after the birthplace of author Zora Neale Hurston (Notasulga, AL) called Lake Notasulga. The property on which the pond lies was granted by the property to the City on March 13, 1962. It's located between Colonial Drive and W. Arlington Ave., just west of John Young Parkway. 
Currently the grounds are commonly strewn with trash, debris. The pond is densely overgrown with exotic and invasive plants. The property gives off the impression that it is abandoned according to City records. It suffers from frequent trespassing. The adjacent neighborhood frequently complains about the unkempt condition of the property. 
Public Works intends to undertake an initial cleanup of the land and City staff proposes to enter into a long term grounds maintenance agreement with the neighboring Orlando Union Rescue Mission.

The retention pond is privately owned by West Colonial Inn, Inc, which agreed to donate the property back to the City of Orl…

Out with the Scientology and In with the Restaurant

The City of Orlando's Business Assistance Program is giving $9,663.35 towards the $160,000 capital investment that Mai Bistro, LLC is making to turn a former Church of Scientology space in shopping strip at 1830 East Colonial Drive (MAP) into "a new fresh, casual Asian restaurant." 
This same Business Assistance Program has helped the following nearbyrestaurants:  Bembom Restaurant in Audubon ParkPig Floyds in Mills50Se7en Bites in Milk DistrictPi Pizza in Parramore and (check out their Wide Mouth Signage)
This project will fetch the city 5 new full time jobs. 
The renovation will include the following:  complete interior renovationaddition of a new kitchen hoodplumbingdraining systemsgas linenew flooring20 seats
Total eligible fees for Mai Bistro under the Business Assistance Program, are $19,326.70.  The BAP will pay fifty percent of eligible fees ($9,663.35). The fee breakdown is as follows:  Transportation Impact Fee @ 50% = $6,405.20, Sewer Benefit Fees @ 50% = $3,258…

Orlando City Soccer Wants Five Lots of Unimproved Parking for Fans

Orlando City Soccer Club is requesting temporary use permits for a total of five lots, at the February 27th City Council meeting as described below: 1.     To allow parking for media and employees on an unimproved lot at 925 W. Church St. during event days. This property, approximately 700 ft. west of the Orlando City stadium, is city-owned, has chain-link fencing around the perimeter and one access driveway from Church St. OCSC’s application notes Church St. would be closed at Westmoreland Dr. five hours before the start of each game. Parking would occur on this lot for approximately 29 Orlando City and Orlando Pride match days. OCSC states: "The vehicles parking in this lot will belong to credentialed media with parking passes. No cash sales will occur at this location. Lanier Parking will be managing the property to check passes and efficiently direct vehicles in a safe and courteous manner. Vehicles will be parked facing east or west with 10’ drive lanes between rows and a 10’…

It's Dapper Day at the Centrifuge Theme Park in the 1950s

It's Dapper Day at the Centrifuge Theme Park in the 1950s in Katy Perry's new video for her song Chained to the Rhythm. We think theme park design fans, may of which live in Orlando, will love this!

The Boulevard at Orlando International Airport Draws Passengers to Major Civic Areas

The design phase of the $1.8 billion South Terminal Complex Phase 1 Terminal C is nearly two-thirds complete at Orlando International Airport. The design focuses on “The Boulevard," a intuitive corridor running the length of the terminal that draws passengers from one element to the next. The Boulevard connects the major civic areas. 
Unique top-level customer arrival experience — Arrivals and bag claim will be located on the third level so passengers will experience the beauty of Central Florida immediately after deplaning. Departures, ticketing and security will be located on the second level and ground transportation on the first level. State-of-the-art Baggage Handling System — Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology will offer 100% baggage tracking. Faster than conventional baggage conveyors. Modularity will allow for future expansion. Lower life-cycle cost. Dynamic concessions — More concessions will be located beyond security. Club/Lounge opportunities …

Downtown Orlando 7th Annual Golden Brick Awards

(Press Release)The Downtown Orlando Partnership (DOP) will be hosting the 28th annual Golden Brick Awards luncheon on March 7th, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the historic Ballroom at Church Street. The Golden Brick Awards recognize community and development projects that have positively impacted Downtown Orlando in the previous year. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and City of Orlando Commissioner Patty Sheehan will be in attendance to honor the 2016 Downtowner of the Year.  More than 40 projects will be recognized at the luncheon for their contributions to Downtown and 13 Golden Bricks will be awarded. Project finalists include:12th Annual Heart & Soul250 N. Orange Ave Building RenovationsAquatic Design & Engineering Office ExpansionBig VisionChampionship Weekend Block PartyConstitution Green Dog RunCopa America CentenarioCushman & Wakefield Office RenovationDean Mead Law FirmDiscover More in Parramore Promotional VideoDoveCote BrasserieFattmerchantFlorida Department of H…

Midtown Orlando Community Development District

On February 21st, nine years after its creation, the inactive Midtown Orlando Community Development District will be dissolved at the County Commission meeting. Its goal was to create "a timely, efficient, effective, responsive and economic way to deliver community development services to the subject land and... provide for the orderly growth of unincorporated Orange County" on a 171 acre piece of land between the Beeline and Walt Disney World.

On June 11, 2008, Buena Vista Corporation petitioned Orange County to establish the Midtown Orlando Community Development District for approximately 171.40 acres of land. See the map at the bottom of this post for the exact location.

The quasi-public district was to contain a mixed-use community including the following:
605,342 square feet of commercial retail and office space 3,441 hotel rooms 20,000 square feet for a laundry facility The infrastructure necessary to support such land uses.  During the August 19th, 2008 public hearing…

How Much Does a Stop Sign Cost?

Curious how much the County charges for street signage? See below. This is a screen shot of an Orange County Public Works Department "bill" from the County to Lennar Homes' Horizon West Spring Hill Storey Grove development. From this document we also learned that street signage is actually referred to collectively as "traffic control devices" and that it's the Fire Marshall who chooses where "No Parking" signs are placed.

Over a Million Dollars to "Outfit and Equip" 24 New Orange County Sheriff's Office Employees

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says it will cost $1,238,248 to outfit and equip the 24 new positions just created for fiscal year 2017. They want an expenditure of the Law Enforcement Impact Fee funds to outfit and equip 22 new Deputy positions and 2 new Crime Scene Investigator positions. The agenda item goes before Orange County Commission February 21st. We've reached out to the County for an itemized list of expenditures the Sheriff's Office is requesting.

10 Things to Know This Week

Mass MRKT Lakeland Food Hub and Event Space Set to Open This Spring

Mass MRKT Lakeland (Facebook) at 820 N Massachusetts Ave (MAP) will open Spring 2017. It will be a food hub and event space. This redevelopment project is made up of a collection of 1920-1950s structures. Upon opening, the project will feature the following tenants:
Your Pro Kitchen – Commercial Kitchen spaceHaus 820 – Event venueMarket Lofts – 12 market rate apartmentsArti/facts Art Studio and GalleryRepurpose Art StudioAshton Events Management Company On April 4, 2016, the Lakeland City Council gave CRA permission to buy the 1.6 acre Salvation Army complex (830 N. Kentucky). Construction soon commenced.

In May, the project was announced as 100% occupied.

The four original buildings on the property totaled 29,092 SF:
Center of Hope 10, 348 SFHalo Center 7,150 SFApartment Building 8,544 SF with 12 two-bedroom unitsOffice and Storage 3,050 SF

Orlando Fingerboard Maker Profiled in 12 Minute Documentary

Miniature replica skateboard maker Trent Witcher is the subject of Ryan Reese's documentary "Skateboarding to Scale: The Fine Art of Fingerboarding." After finding the fingerboard maker online, Reese spent time with the artist. He even followed him to a skateboard-build event in downtown Orlando.
Written, directed, produced and edited - Ryan ReeseProducer/sound - Jamie KnoepflerDirector of photography/VFX - Alex Oliver

Winter Park Wine-Serving Starbucks for Sale

A Winter Park Starbucks is for sale. Well, the building and land is anyway. It contains a corporately-guaranteed lease with a tenant who has operated at the site since construction in 2014. The Starbucks term runs until 2025 and has four, five year option periods with significant rent increases throughout. Additionally, this site is one of the few locations to serve beer/wine.

The subject property is adjacent to a Publix anchored shopping center. National retailers such as Publix, Whole Foods, CVS, Wells Fargo, McDonalds and Panera bread surround the property.

The cost is $2,380,000.

Buy Your Own Cattle Ranch

A 688 acre cattle ranch with its own creek, gator lake and little house is for sale for $5 million. The property is full of wild turkeys, boar, quail and deer. The property can handle 160 head of beef cattle per year. 
The property has been in the family since the 1940's and it's main use has been cattle ranching. A portion of the property was also used for farming watermelons and other vegetable crops. 
The ranch is at 7509 Lake Buffum Rd N in Fort Meade. From Downtown Orlando , take I-4 west, exit on US-27 South, Right on ABC Road, Left on Lake Buffum East, Right on Lake Buffum North, Property will be 2.7 miles on the Right. 

The City Walkable - New complete Streets Guidelines Customized for Central Florida

The Winter Park Health Foundation engaged Smart Growth America to help the Central Florida region identify and address barriers hindering local decision-makers’ ability to build Complete Streets. Complete Streets are roadways that are safe and comfortable for all users – people walking, bicycling, and taking transit, people driving and truck drivers making deliveries. This includes impactful elements of development and transportation design:
Orient buildings to the street Reduce parking minimums Cluster development and mix the land uses Don’t allow traffic fears to block economic development Design roadways to be safe for all users 
Smart Growth America spent 9 months talking with cities and orgs all over Central Florida and came up with this report.

Florida DOT is rewriting its rules and offering training to be more supportive of Complete Streets. Local advocates of Complete Streets were encouraged in the report to quickly adopt local changes based on the new FDOT stance and to get ci…

Green Umbrella Co-Op in Winter Park Houses Displaced Artegon Artists

After so many artists were displaced during the closing of the Artegon, Shannon “Bunny” Youngs formed a co-op.  The Co-Op would get 40% of all website and gallery sales. A yearly subscription is $300, which could be made in four $75 monthly payments) is required. Membership is free for the first year for displaced Artegon artists.

More info: Shannon “Bunny” Youngs,, 561-503-9470.

Her mission is to provide artists with the following:

Physical gallery space that rotates art monthly at 1280 Palmetto Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789).Online gallery store on which artists can list their entire catalog that isn't on view at the galleryFree/discounted event spaces: Free booth space once a month at the Second Sunday Food Truck Bazaar on Colonial Drive. Other events where artists can sell/promote are being explored. Green Gallery does not take a percentage of sales at these events.Advertising/marketingMembership to the Winter Park Chamber of CommercePaints and supplies …