In Baldwin Park an Orlando SWAT Officer Left a Submachine Gun in Their Vehicle Overnight and Someone Stole It

According to WFTV, Saturday night an Orlando Police Department SWAT/TAC Officer left their submachine gun overnight inside an unattended OPD vehicle in a Baldwin Park apartment complex parking lot and someone stole it.

According to OPD Policy and Procedure 1802.13 Use of City Vehicles, it is not against OPD regulations to leave such weaponry in unattended OPD vehicles so long as the vehicle is locked, the property and firearms are placed in a locking device (i.e., MCT mount or Agency-approved gun-securing device), and the vehicle's alarm system is operational and activated.

If the alarm is not functioning, it is the Officer's responsibility to "remove Department property and Agency-authorized firearms" which "can be stored... at the employee’s home."

On Sunday morning the Officer awoke to find the submachine gun stolen, along with the car. The car was recovered. The submachine gun and its accompanying 4 loaded ammunition magazines were not.

The gun was a Heckler & Koch UMP45 submachine gun (shown below).

An investigation is occurring.