Door and Stairs to Reach Second Story Space Above Red Mug Diner Part of Submitted Plans

The folks who own the Red Mug Diner and the space above it at 63 E Pine Street submitted plans to the Historic Preservation Board to add a front door to the Red Mug Diner facade and an inside stairwell leading up to the second floor space. A previous renovation in 1997 removed a central door and stairs to the upper floor. 

We told you last week the owners asked us what we thought that second floor space should become. They wanted new and fresh ideas. The owners took us on a tour of the space and we took our readers on a Facebook Live walk-Thru Tour along with us. It's a blank slate at this point and the owners said if we could come up with something cool that would make our city better, they'd be into it. This is what we came up with:
  1. Mini food hall only open during lunchtime. Imagine 6-8 little boutique food markers offering up great options with a central seating area. Downtown workers may appreciate this. And you know we love food halls.
  2. Makers market like our pop up shop or The District in Mills50. I am reluctant to say retail because of what Craig Ustler said about downtown retail with regards to Creative Village: "I don't want anybody to think that any of us are talking about downtown becoming a major retail destination..." Yes he was referring specifically to Creative Village, but it may also pertain to the rest of downtown. At least it does right now anyway. 
The two story brick structure was built around or before 1900 and the store front area appears to have been altered several times during the life of the building. Also noted in previous reports are the original transom windows visible above the canopy that have been covered over. The structure is a contributing structure in the Downtown Historic District which was created by ordinance in 1980.