Artegon Artists May Find New Home in Winter Park Office-Turned-Showroom

A former Winter Park Engineering firm office at 1280 Palmetto Ave (MAP) will become a showroom space specifically created for artists leaving the shuttering Artegon Marketplace. The office-turned-gallery will be called "World Bazaar" and will be run by the owner of her own marketing company, Shannon Youngs.

There's already interest from three Artegon artists:
  1. Alipaza Arts - Peruvian wares, some made from alpaka hair
  2. Arie Jewelry -  jewelry inspired by Puerto Rico
  3. Nuestras Manos Mexicanas - wares from Mexico 
Youngs will represent the artists and display their works for sale. Each artist will have a showroom that could take walk-in sales or take orders for larger purchases. The artists pay Youngs a fee for representing them which includes their showroom space and Youngs handling the marketing for them. She will not take a percentage of sales.

The floor plan shows the sizes and costs for each room. If artists want to go in jointly on a space, they can. 

The showroom would contain no registers. Each vendor can have an iPad, a credit card swipe and a petty cash box, however. This would be to handle bulk orders or sample works sold from their showroom. 

The space will be renovated as well. Signage will be added to the exterior. Exotic edible landscaping will be featured in the front yard, the drop ceilings inside will be replaced by a tapestry ceiling "kind of like the inside the Tusker House restaurant," says Youngs.

Vendors interested in learning more should contact Billy Eubank at 561-503-9470 or email him at

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