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BuzzFeed Features Orlando Garbage Man's Friendship With 2-Year-Old Triplets

Martha Sugalski, a local TV news anchor, has been filming her triplets meeting and greeting their garbage man and sharing the videos on her Facebook page throughout 2016. Around 5pm on December 31st, Buzzfeed News shared one of her videos and the friendship story with the world. As of writing the video has been viewed 16 million times.

200-Kid Daycare Center Coming to SODO

A Master Plan request was submitted to Municipal Planning Board to construct and operate a 10,896 sq. ft. 200-child daycare on .66 acres at 21 and 25 W Jersey St. (MAP) called Jupiter Daycare. The Master Plan request will go before the board on January 17, 2017.

More Renderings of the Colonial Pedestrian Overpass

The City provided more renderings of the Colonial Pedestrian Overpass which will be the missing link connecting the Orlando Urban Trail to the Gertrude's Walk Trail. The overpass will take users into the core of Downtown Orlando while also providing a safe pedestrian and cyclist crossing of Colonial Drive. The overpass will be located east of I-4, west of N. Orange Avenue, and crosses W. Colonial Drive until touch down approximately 340 feet south of Colonial.

Court-Ordered Auction and $471K in Defaulted Loans Won't Close Ten 10 Brewing

By Mark Baratelli

Edited 12/31/16

Ten 10 Brewing was forced to put almost the entirety of its interior contents up for auction December 27th for $250,000 by court order. It was a bulk auction, which means everything had to go to one buyer. That buyer also had to pay in full December 28th and had to remove all contents by January 2, 2017. 
This of course does not mean the bar is closing necessarily. We reached out to owner Patrick McPherson today. While he offered no explanation of the court-ordered auction nor the two complaints against him, he did share a statement with us:
"Ten 10 Brewing Co. is open for business and will continue to be. We are expanding our operations, adding new equipment, and beginning distribution. Nothing about our daily operations has changed." The auction was court ordered to help pay off $471,916 it owes to Richard and Monse McPherson. It defaulted on two loans and has been in default since October 2015. The McPhersons filed two Complaints on Septemb…

Did Ten10 Brewing Beer Bar in Mills50 Sell Everything It Owns for $250K?

We showed you pre-opening photos of Ten10 Brewing (Facebook | Web) back in June 2015. Well, a year and a half later the brewery/bar put the entirety of its interior contents up for auction December 27th for $250,000. 
It was a bulk auction, which means everything had to go to one buyer. That buyer also had to pay in full December 28th and had to remove all contents by January 2, 2017. We do not know the results of the auction and have contacted the auction house to find out if there was a buyer or not. Bungalower says the owners told them the bar isn't closing. Below is a list of what was for sale:  Vinyl FlooringAssorted Glassware (16oz / 12oz / 10oz / 5oz – Approximately 200 Pieces)20 Glass Flight Paddles (4-5oz)Security System with 4 CamerasPOS System (2 Screens & Cash Drawers / 1 Keyboard)3 High Top Tables (4 Seat)2 High Top Tables (6 Seat)5 Red Dining Booths (3 Doubleback / 2 Single Back)Custom Fluorescent Sign (Outside)43 Black Bar Height Stools with Wood Seats4 Dining H…

Opinion: Sad to Read City of Orlando Pulse Memorial Meeting Minutes

By Mark Baratelli

Edited January 7, 2017

You already know Barbara Poma shocked the City and the city December 5, 2016 by announcing she would not be selling the Pulse property to the City despite having been in talks with the City at the time. You already know what I think of that move: the City should take it through eminent domain. So it's no surprise that one day while I was thumbing through the City's Pulse public records and came across meeting minutes from meetings Mayor Dyer had with the Commissioners, I got sad. I wondered what could have been. I wish I had the pull to force the City to take that property and give those lost a proper, dignified and appropriate memorial. Below are the meeting minutes.

Eleven on Thornton Townhomes Had 2nd Reading Before City Council

The project we told you about in June, an 11 unit rear-loaded townhome development called Eleven on Thornton Townhomes, had its second reading before City Council December 12th. It'll be located on 0.56 acres at 844 N Thornton Ave (MAP) in the Mills50 District. 

211-Unit Parramore Oaks Coming to I-4 and East-West Expressway Intersection

We told you about this project in September 2016 and now it's been approved by City council. The City is allowing a 211-unit multi-family development (apartments and tounhomes) to be built where I-4 meets the East-West Expressway. Parramore Oaks, the name of the project, will be located at 744 S. Parramore Ave (MAP). They're allowing the rezoning of approximately 6.34 acres of land at the southwest corner of that intersection from the Wells Landing planned development zoning district, in part, and R-2B/T/PH, in part, to the Parramore Oaks planned development zoning district along with the Traditional City and Parramore Heritage zoning overlay districts. InVictus Development (Website) is the developer.

The apartment buildings will be 3 and 4-stories tall with rear/interior parking spaces tucked under the 2nd floor units. 101 multi-family units and 19 townhouse units are proposed for Phase 1, with another 77 multi-family units and 14 more townhouse units slated for Phase 2. Per C…

Orlando City Soccer's Sign Package Approved by City

City of Orlando approved Orlando City Soccer's sign package December 5, 2016. View it here.

Drones in Orlando Can Fly Thanks to Updated City Code

Drones in Orlando Can Fly Thanks to Updated City Code
City of Orlando Code 43.02 deals with unmanned aircraft like hobby remote-control planes and is 58 years old. Now that drones have appeared on the scene, the City chose to update this code. On December 12th City Council approved sweeping changes to Chapter 5, Section 5.19(2) of Code 43.02 to include definitions and operation guidelines for drone usage. All the text below is from the updated City code. 

Reasons the City is Making These Changes WHEREAS, new innovations in unmanned aircraft, also known as drones, have expanded a vibrant community of hobbyists and impacted commercial applications in a profound way that can positively stimulate growth and increase economic efficiency for a diverse and expanding array of businesses; and WHEREAS, the current iteration of section 43.02 of the City Code is over fifty-eight years old and its broad scope has hindered hobbyist and commercial uses of unmanned aircraft  that were not anticipated w…

College Park Organic Farmer’s Market Starting January 15th

The organizers of the College Park Organic Farmer’s Market have received the official sign-off from the City to go forward with putting on this brand new market.

The market will take place Sundays 11am-3pm starting January 15th at 710 W. Princeton Street, Orlando, FL 32804 Street (MAP).

As for vendors, the organizers are looking to start with 10 organic vendors with a strong focus on food. This focus is to be NonGMO, Organic Practices and refined Sugar Free. They're looking for a 6-week commitment from vendors.


Cold Brew Coffee Roaster May be Coming to Downtown Orlando

A Las Vegas-based cold brew coffee brewer wants to make Orlando a second home according to a Conditional Use Permit filed recently by The Brew Theory (Website | Instagram). The permit is for the operation of a contract brewery, coffee roasting (light manufacturing) and tasting room in a portion of an existing building at 400 Pittman Street (MAP).

The Brew Theory Cold Brew Coffee has more than double the amount of an average cup of coffee (200 milligrams of caffeine per serving), comes in glass bottles and are available unsweetened or lightly sweetened.
The Brew Theory owner Jon Velasco (Instagram

Creative Village to Have Its Own Review Committee for Smaller Projects

In November we told you about Creative Village's new Central Park, Gateway Park and Quad Park. These will be what's known as open spaces and public amenities. Doug Metzger (Facebook), Planner III at City Planning Division, Land Development Studio, City of Orlando, presented to the Municipal Planning Board on December 15th that the City of Orlando will be creating a new review body for projects like these and others within Creative Village.
It will be called the Creative Village Development Review Committee. This new board was recommended for approval by the Municipal Planning Board on October 18th and was approved on December 15th. This board will review “presumed non-substantial” Municipal Planning Board and Appearance Review Board applications. Substantial amendments to the Planned Development will continue to be considered by the Municipal Planning Board. 
The following is a definition of what would be considered “presumed non-substantial” amendments to the Planned Develop…

Dovecote Brasserie Gets Inspected After Complaint

A complaint was recently filed with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation about the Dovecote restaurant located in Downtown Orlando at 390 N Orange Avenue # 110, Orlando, FL 32801. On December 13th the inspection based on that complaint occurred. Below is what the inspectors found. The restaurant was allowed to remain open after the inspection. 

Observation14-01-4Basic - Bowl or other container with no handle used to dispense food. Cup in onion powder in cook line51-11-4Basic - Carbon dioxide/helium tanks not adequately secured in bar14-45-4Basic - Cardboard used to line nonfood-contact shelves in dry storage room in basement24-08-4Basic - Equipment and utensils not properly air-dried - wet nesting.

Mango's Tropical Café's Latest Health Inspection Requires 2 Follow-Ups

A routine health inspection of Mango's Tropical Café at 8126 International Drive on December 14th revealed the following violations which required a follow-up inspection on December 16th. That made inspection also requires a follow-up inspection. 
This is of course after the restaurant & club was dinged this Summer with 17 health violations during a June 16th health inspection. 

DECEMBER 14 ViolationObservation14-09-4Basic - Cutting board has cut marks and is no longer cleanable.10-14-4Basic - Ice bucket stored on floor between uses. **Corrected On-Site**41-13-4High Priority - Butane stored next to sanitizer and next to gloves upstairs. **Corrected On-Site**22-40-4High Priority - Quaternary ammonium sanitizer not at proper minimum strength at wiping bucket.0 ppm.200 ppm. **Corrected On-Site**08A-07-4High Priority - Raw animal food not properly separated from ready-to-eat food.Raw shell eggs stored next to cheese in walk in cooler. **Corrected On-Site**

City Throwing $3.5 Million at KPMG For Local Job Growth and Investment And There's Nothing Wrong With That

The City of Orlando will pay a company called KPMG (Website) a total of $3,502,887 in tax refunds over 7 years if they build their 800,000 square foot training center, conference center and lodging facility in Orlando.

The City of Orlando says it will benefit from the development of KPMG’s training, conference center and lodging facility through continued job growth and investment plus an additional economic impact from the 48,000 KPMG employee visits expected to travel to Orlando each year for training and professional development.

The Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund (About) Resolution was adopted by City Council on December 12. The Economic Development Incentive Agreement was approved then as well. 
The City of Orlando proposed to provide KPMG a Tax Rebate in an amount not to exceed 25% of the City of Orlando real and tangible property taxes assessed on the property for a period of seven years beginning in Fiscal Year 2020-2021 through 2026-2027, with a maximum cumulative reba…

Monument to Local Hero to be Reconstructed Near Soccer Stadium

Funding has been granted by City of Orlando to reconstruct the Father Pinder Monument (Info) built in 2010 at the NW corner of W. Central and Glen Lane (MAP) in Parramore Heritage Park. The proposed new site is at the northwest corner of W. Church St. and Terry Ave. (MAP).

Upon the City and CRA’s partnership to sell property to the Orlando City soccer team to develop the stadium, the Monument needed to be relocated.

The design includes the hardscape and landscape treatments to support the Monument in this new location.

The engineer’s estimated cost to reconstruct the Monument at its new location is $85,646.

About Father Pinder: "When many areas of our country were experiencing violence in the streets, during the Civil Rights Era, Father Pinder brought a message of peace to our community. He went into neighborhoods when tensions were high and taught young people to choose active peace initiatives to bring justice. These brave young people came to be known as Pinder's Kids and w…

City Creates New Pulse Collaborative Partnerships Manager to Coordinate Long-Term Response

City of Orlando is creating a new position called a Collaborative Partnerships Manager to "coordinate the long-term response to the needs of those impacted by the Pulse tragedy and other similar humanitarian efforts." The cost will be absorbed through grants or existing budget.

New Orlando Main Street Economic Development Coordinator Position Created

The creation of a new Economic Development Coordinator position to support the City of Orlando Main Street Districts (Website) was approved in December by City Council. The position was created because additional support is needed as they add new districts and the responsibilities of those new districts evolve. The cost of this new position will be addressed by transferring budget within the same department and fund. There will be no net change to the budget.

Photo Credit: Orlando Main Streets

City to Pay $800,000 a Year for Police BodyCam Video Storage

One of the reasons these cameras are being purchased for the Orlando Police Department is because of actions like those seen in this video. This video was uploaded to YouTube earlier this year. 

Orlando taxpayers will be paying almost a million dollars a year so that Orlando Police Department can police their own Officers. They have such a problem with complaints against Officers that under this new plan $801,900 per year will be paid to a privately owned company so the department can store video captured from the 450 body cams soon to be worn by Orlando Police Department officers.

The other benefits the OPD says the cams will provide:
reduce response to resistance incidents reduce complaintsProtect Officers from false complaintsProvide valuable evidence for prosecutorspositively influence Officer behavior.Improve evidence collectionImprove report writingHelp officers improve their police work in general by having the opportunity to review their own video.Strengthen community trustImprov…

Airport's Own Food Truck Coming

For illustration purposes only

Orlando International Airport recently renewed its contract with HMS Host to provide food services until 2024 and according to Aviation Pros, $11 million will be spent by the company to upgrade its existing restaurants and introduce new dining options.
Airport Food Truck - The one that caught our eye was the new food truck featuring "a rotating menu of new creations such as Asian fusion, street tacos, and fish & chips."
The rest of the dining options:
1. Bahama Breeze 2. MKT - HMSHost’s exclusive market-style dining concept offering healthy, garden-fresh options 3. American Craft Tavern  4. Firehouse Subs  5. Two new Starbucks stores

1960s 58-Unit Complex to be Redeveloped as Low Income Housing

In 2013 the Federal National Mortgage Association foreclosed and took control of several apartment complexes in Orlando in varying degrees of uninhabitable conditions. In 2015, the City purchased the apartment complexes from the Federal National Mortgage Association.

In the summer of 2015, the City solicited proposals from parties interested in redeveloping the properties with the following goals in mind:
increasing the inventory of safe, affordable housing to serve low and moderate income householdsincreasing the inventory of permanent supportive housingfoster community development that would enhance the surrounding neighborhoods They got a bite.

The Village of Orlando, Inc. submitted a proposal and an offer of $400,452 for the 2.65 acre Nichols Apartment complex built in 1960 at 541 South Cottage Hill Road (MAP). The proposal includes a $2,600,000 renovation and a promise to make a majority of the 58 units accessible to people who make no more than 80% of the average income in Orland…

President of Keihl's at Sanford Dillard's for Book Signing

Kiehl’s President Chris Salgardo will be signing copies of his book, “Manmade: The Essential Skincare & Grooming Reference for Every Man” in Sanford, Thursday, Dec. 22, at Dillard’s. 

9 Things to Do Today!

Disney Patents the Whites of Your Eyes

Their eyes were watching God... and you... Disney released news of a patent that will follow the whites of your eyes so they know where you're looking at all times. Aaauuuggghhhh!!!
Here's how they describe it: By tracking the gaze of a participant, a computing system may direct various animatronics, automated objects or the like to interact with the participant. For example, a computing system within a theme park may direct an animatronic character from a movie to make a noise if a participant is looking at the animatronic character.

The participant gazes at an object, which may be any type of object that draws the gaze of participant such as an animatronic, robot, actor, puppet, product on a shelf, information display and the like. Upon detection of the gaze of the participant at the object, an interaction may be initiated between the object and the participant by the object. For example, the object may provide a greeting to the participant, sing a song, make a noise, make …