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Auction at Mills50 Shuttered Lamp Store

Simonett Electrics, a decaying shuttered lamp and interior lighting business at 1200 N. Mills Ave, is having the entirety of its contents auctioned off December 6th at 10am. For details for to

Kaká: “Next year will be my last at Orlando”

Kaká said on a Brazilian tv show that“Next year will be my last at Orlando” according to The Maneland. The sports website said the quote could mean the ending of his contract is in 2017 which means a renewal may occur. Or it could meant the 35 year old is done with professional soccer, at least in Orlando. 

The Museum of Burgers Opens December 2nd in Miami

The Burger Museum (Website) is opening at Magic City Casino (450 NW 37th Avenue) on Friday December 2nd at Noon. The 1500 sq ft museum will have 2000 pieces of historical artifacts, collectibles and ephemera from comfort food restaurants around the US.

The film Hamburger America (Website) will be playing inside the on-site movie theatre. 
Museum Hours: Thursday - Sunday 12PM-8PM. 
Admission is $10 for Adults and $5 for Children. Parking is free.

We're Grateful to be Included on the Orlando Sentinel's 101 Things to Love in Central Florida List!

Light Up SODO Welcomes's Holiday Market PT3 is excited to be a part of Downtown South's annual Light Up SoDo 2016! This will be Part 2 of our 4-part holiday market series. Part 1 was at our monthly 2nd Sundays food truck event in front of Fashion Square Mall this month, Part 2 is at the City of Orlando's Downtown Treelighting Ceremony and Part 4 is once again at our monthly 2nd Sundays food truck event in December in front of Fashion Square Mall.

SantaBounce houseFace paintingTrain ridesBeer gardenLive DJChoral performancesLive wreath makingLive DJ
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Rent a Private Cabana Inside Magic Kingdom for the Day!

Private cabanas with seating, lockable storage, snacks, charging station, couches and more are now available inside Magic Kingdom at Tomorrowland for guests to rent to escape the heat and crowds. The price is $649 plus tax for a full day's use. How does this price compare to the resort's other cabanas? While it's not fair to compare as none of them (1) are in Tomorrowland and (2) come with any of these amenities, but here's the price comparison:

$649.00 Magic Kingdom cabanas in Tomorrowland, all day$158.69 Grand Floridian, 9 hours$158.69 Contemporary Resort, 9 hours$158.69 Typhoon Lagoon, full day$158.69 Blizzard Beach, full day Inside a Magic Kingdom Cabana

Complaints Received by City About Green Lighting at 420 E. Church Street Apartment Building

Justin Ramb and Matt Taylor of the Appearance Review Board have received complaints about the green lights on the 420 E. Church Street project (MAP). The Board is going to follow up on this complaints and reach out to the developers to see what the damn hell is going on.

We called the apartment building to find out exactly where these green lights are located. They told us the green lights are shining onto the tall green slats that run from 3rd floor all the way to just below the roofline.

A photo of the building at dusk on the building's website that confirms the presence of the lit slats.

But who are these complaints coming from? Only Justin Ramb and Matt Taylor know. Since we don't know that, let's find out who Justin Ramb and Matt Taylor are. Why? Absolutely no reason.

Justin Ramb: According to his company's website, Justin established BIGEYE Creative in 2002, and in the years since, the agency has evolved and thrived, with partnerships including Fortune 500 compan…

10 Things to Know This Week

Orlando's Official Hash Brown is the Mazel Tots from Hubbly Bubbly

I love a good hash brown dish. Some are separate and cooked together into a fishing net of tangled grated potato shavings. Some are rarer tots. And some are the Mazel Tots from Hubbly Bubbly in College Park.
These are the best of both worlds: long stringy shavings twirled into an up-do and fried, waiting for you to pull them apart and choke on the strands. 
They cost $3.75 and are for sale all day.

The Daily City's Holiday Holiday Market + Tree Lighting + Choral Concert + Shopping Village + Food Truck Park

Food Trucks: Cafe rouge

Sweet City Gelato Philly's Best Over Rice SMACJamaica Jamaica SwedeDishRubiosTamale Co Local Vendors:

Sheila Burgos Art Nightbreed Creations Bet's Bars treGEEK Mon Câlin Dolls Vida Del Sol Kill 'Em With Cuteness The Wonder Well Co. Alyssa Makes Something Big Tim's Fancy AF Lollipops Notes Kool Glow Panda Bags Lemonade Stitches Archaic Leatherworks Tropical Sun Brins Creations, LLC Luce del Sole Candles & Crafts

Ivanhoe Row Retail Building for Sale

The long and lovely two story building facing Lake Ivanhoe that houses popular bars, hair salons, a wine shop, bakery and retail is up for sale. The building is called Ivanhoe Row and priced $1,750,000. We spotted this ad in a Winter Park realtor window on Park Ave. 

Kona Grill is Sexy

Last night the fine folks at Kona Grill invited us to a preview of their new location across from Trader Joe's in Winter Park. 
The interior is sexy, with conch shaped wicker oversized pendant lamps, a long sushi bar, dark mood lighting, and a great outdoor porch with tons of seating.
They served us sushi, burgers, flatbreads and fish. 

Silent Cat, Holy Cat

This one year old cat doesn't meow and is calm and docile. He's been at Orange County Animal Services for 12 days. That's more than twice as long as most cats have been in the facility. I held him and interacted with him and he's calm and silent. Believe me: a cat that doesn't meow is like a totally different animal. I should know. I have two. Go get this little guy!

Sears is Signless at Orlando Fashion Square

All the exterior signage at the Sears at Orlando Fashion Square Mall has been removed.

12 Townhouses to Replace 1935 Home

Ordinance No. 2016-86 was approved by City Council last Monday which enables 12 townhomes to be built on .652 acres at 1230 Formosa Ave (MAP). 1935 is the year the single house on the property was built. It was purchased in August 2016 for $365,000.

Turn Back Your Pot Clock: No New Weed for 6 Months Because City Needs More Time to Do What They Said They'd Do But Didn't

The Orlando City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2016-58 in July directing a City planning official to research and propose permanent land development regulations for cannabis dispensing facilities by December 1, 2016. 
They didn't do it. 
So at Monday's City Council meeting, the City asked for a six month extension for extra time to get this done. 
Proposed ordinance No. 2016-92 also stated that during this time, a moratorium be put in place on the opening of new cannabis dispensing facilities and on the expansion or relocation of any existing (or grandfathered) cannabis dispensing facilities. 
Only one local showed up for public comments: Jose Datil Colon. 
City Council voted unanimously to approve the new ordinance. 

Energy Benchmarking Program is Now a Thing in Orlando

One ordinance's milkshake brought all the business people to the yard Monday at the City Council meeting in City Hall. Ordinance No. 2016-64 which would establish an optional and voluntary Building Energy Benchmarking Program in which all buildings in Orlando over 50,000 sq feet (except theme parks) would voluntarily report their energy usage to the City if they chose to participate. The ordinance was approved 5-2 with Commissioner Jim Gray and Commissioner Tony Ortiz voting no. 

According to, "...Building energy benchmarking serves as a mechanism to measure energy performance of a single building over time, relative to other similar buildings, or to modeled simulations of a reference building built to a specific standard (such as an energy code)."

Here's a play by play of what happened in the council meeting leading up to the vote.

Chris Castro, the City's Director of Sustainability, saver of a woman's life at Playalinda Beach and the namesake of t…

Peace the Hell Out Says Tony Ortiz: Y'all Can Vote on Shiny Bridges and Ceviche Without Me!

By Mark Baratelli
Angry old man
At approximately 2:22 P.M. Commissioner Tony Ortiz left Monday's Orlando City Council meeting according to council minutes. He returned at 2:37pm. Where the hell did he go? He's a damn city councilman! The hell? He ended up not being present for a bunch of stuff including these two agenda items:  Approval to spend an additional $300K for "metalized finish"to be added to the Colonial Pedestrian Overpass that's already costing the City nine million damn dollars. Thanks pedestrians. (Kidding, millennials!)Free money for Ceviche Tapas Church Street. And what a restaurant to support! During their April 18th DBPR inspection, they couldn't show any proof they had provided state approved employee training to their employees. And the damn place didn't bother saying on the menu that ceviche is raw. Yeah we all know it, but if you don't, the state requires that restaurants tell you. And they didn't. Now give them money to make t…

Nancy Hanson's Gift to Downtown is This Ugly Ass Parking Lot

Nancy Hanson requested of the City a one year renewal of a previously-issued temporary use permit to allow the empty lot at 503 S. Orange Ave (MAP) to be used as an ugly ass parking lot.  The City Council approved her request this week. So, for another 12 months the gravel parking facing Aoft Hotel and catty-corner to City Hall and Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts will be used by the tenants of the adjacent office building at 520 S. Magnolia Ave. and for overflow valet parking for the DPAC. 

Drink Whiskey for the Children!

December 5th at The Outpost in College Park. $50 gets you admission to this private event (restaurant is closed except for this party) with 4 whiskey samples and food pairings (beer and wine available for anyone that doesn't like whiskey). There will be live music, raffle prizes, etc.  Should be a lot of fun. The proceeds are going to Covenant House and Hubbard House and we will be collecting holiday gifts for the teens at Covenant House that night as well in exchange for raffle tickets. Tickets can be purchased here and a link to the Facebook event is here.

$40 Million Dollar Pedestrian Bridge Coming to Orlando?

If you thought the nine million dollar pedestrian bridge coming to downtown Orlando was a big deal, take a look at this pedestrian bridge (estimated to cost $40-$50 million) that might be coming to the intersection of I-Drive & Sand Lake Road according to Growthspotter!