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Every Florida Shark Attack on One Map

To celebrate Shark Week the Sensarie team has put together an interactive map of recorded Florida shark attacks from the early 1900's to early 2016. 
The shark attack data was sourced from the Global Shark Attack File (GSAF), compiled by the Shark Research Institute. Attacks date from early 1900's to early 2016. The location of each attack is approximate and accuracy may vary.Click on the shark to learn about each shark attack.  View the map here:

Taco Window at Frontera Cocina Gives Good Taco

Officially the name of the restaurant that celebrated its grand opening Monday at Disney Springs is Frontera Cocina. 
That's the real name.
It's a new location of the 6-time-James-Beard-Award-winning Chef Rick Bayless' Mexican chain that opened its first location in the 1980s Chicago. 
It should be called The Taco Window. 
Don't want to sip $15 margaritas and soak in the blue ceiling lights in the blue hut (that's we're calling it) or pottery strewn walls near the bathrooms as chosen by Philadelphia-based firm Daroff Design Inc + DDI Architects, PC?
Go to the Taco Window, an outward-facing order spot connected right to the kitchen.
At The Taco Window, they offer a 3-for-$12 taco deal that is authentic, affordable and delicious. 
Guests can to-go order a small cardboard plate/bowl (blate? plowl?) of three authentic Mexican tacos made with tiny soft corn tortillas and filled with either pork or beef, topped with pickled onions and lime for twelve dollars.
We ate two help…

Audubon Park's O Stromboli Emergency Closure Reveals Problems

The Audubon Park Garden District Italian restaurant O Stromboli (Website) at 1803 E. Winter Park Road (MAP) has had some health department problems in June.  June 8th: Shut down by DBPR with an emergency closure notice when a routine inspection found 25 violations, 6 of which were high priority. June 9th: a follow up inspection revealed 7 violations but they met inspections standards. June 27th: two weeks later, 20 violations (6 high priority) were found during a routine inspection.  A follow up inspection is required because of the June 27th inspection.

JUNE 8TH ViolationObservation36-40-5Basic - Attached equipment soiled with accumulated dust, grease, or food debris. Fan above back dooe heavy greas build up **Warning**14-01-4Basic - Bowl or other container with no handle used to dispense food. Salad bar has a cup in it **Warning**23-06-4Basic - Build-up of food debris, dust or dirt on nonfood-contact surface. Pizza oven **Warning**51-11-4Basic - Carbon dioxide/helium tanks not adequat…

Emergency Closure Notice for Church Street Tavern in Downtown Orlando from DBPR

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Church Street Tavern (Website) at 120 W Church St, Orlando (MAP) received a "Facility Temporarily Closed" recommendation on June 9th by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 
Operations were ordered stopped by the Sanitation and Safety Inspector until violations were corrected.
An emergency closure is not a disciplinary action, but rather an action taken to mitigate conditions that pose an elevated risk to the health, safety or welfare of the public or the establishment's employees. The licensee is closed until the conditions are corrected. 
You can read the full June 9th inspection here or view it below:
ViolationObservation36-57-4Basic - Ceiling fan had accumulation of dust/debris. By flat grill **Warning**36-36-4Basic - Ceiling tile missing. Over prep table with slicer **Repeat Violation** **Warning**35A-03-4Basic - Dead roaches on premises. Observed 6 at wall behind rack of clean utensils 1 on floor under sli…

New Local Hot Dog Stand Fat One's Opening in August

Joey Fatone, former member of NSYNC, was always kind of chubby. Some fans gave him the nick name, based on his last name of Fatone, "the fat one." 
Fatone has stopped dancing and singing and is now parlaying his great sense of humor into a new venture: a hot dog stand. 
The hot dog stand will be called "Fat One's." The first location will open in The Florida Mall in the Food Pavilion in August 2016. 
Italian Ice will also be served.

Source: Orlando Business Journal
Source: Orlando Sentinel

New Orlando City Soccer Stadium Submits Master Signage Plan

Orlando City Soccer submitted an application requesting Final ARB approval for the Master Sign Plan for the Orlando City Soccer Stadium, as required by ARB. The plan will be reviewed also by the Planning Official and City Council as an ordinance for this Master Sign Plan [MSP]. The plan is establishing the location and square footage and allowable sign area for the stadium signage and future sponsorship signs. The “sponsorship” signs are place holders, as at this time, main sponsor and minor sponsors have not been identified. This is the same case for the Stadium Name sign, as it also has not been established. However, the overall design of the way-finding signs and stadium activity identifying signs have been established in the plan and will be installed, regardless of sponsorship. Monument way-finding signs have also been designed and located in this plan. 
Five main Stadium Name signs are proposed, all of them are high-rise signs. Two are located on the Church St. side of the stad…

Permanent Pulse Tribute Space to be Created by City

The City of Orlando has announced that it's going to create a permanent tribute space to preserve the memory of those who lost their lives at Pulse nightclub. 
No timeline or location have been announced. 
The city will collect input from victims, families and the larger community about this permanent space. A committee will be formed to oversee the process. 
They've partnered with the Orange County Regional History Center to store the objects left at the makeshift tributes around the city. 
The city has spoken with communities that have experienced an event similar to Pulse for advice. 

Video: First Responders Talk about Pulse Experiences

For the first time since the Pulse mass shooting, Orlando police officers are sharing their stories of pulling victims to safety during the blaze of gunfire.

When these OPD Officers arrived at the scene of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, they immediately went into rescue mode, pulling gravely injured people out of the club and putting them in the back of a pickup truck to shuttle them to the hospital.

They transported at least 20 people to the hospital that way. Many others were put into the backs of squad cars and driven the few long blocks to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Minor League Baseball Returning to Central Florida in 2017

On Thursday, June 29th,  Osceola County Commissioners & staff will announce the return of Minor League baseball to Central Florida. The Brevard County Manatees, the Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers (Website) in the Florida State League, are relocating to Osceola Heritage Stadium  at 631 Heritage Way, Kissimmee, FL 34743 (MAP) beginning Spring 2017.

Photo Credit

Watch This: Orlando Dancers on Rooftops, in the Park and at Pulse Memorial Green in Moving Video

The video is by Tyler Garner and the choreography is by Kim Matovina. The dancers are Ayanna Adams, Delaney Blume, Ashley Kroft,Kim Matovina, Mark Rizo, Michael Sloan, Sawyer Smith, Chalice Streitman, Shelly Torres, Casey Tregeagle, Will Wimpish and Ariel Smith Whittington. The music is a song by Beyonce called Forward.

#OrlandoUnited Tribute Dance from Tyler Garner on Vimeo.