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The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar Giving Edgewood a Visit Tonight!

Tonight (1/29/16) The Daily City's Food Truck Bazaar drives into Edgewood 6-9pm for the first time at 405 Larue Avenue, Edgewood, FL 32809 with the following trucks:
SMAC Food TruckPeru Power Food TruckAll American BBQKalbi Haus: Korean Mexican GrillFrench Fry JunctionThe London Fish and ChippyPepa's ArepasEat My TreatKelly's Homemade Ice Cream

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Powell Cemetery's New Neighbor Also a Personal Storage Facility

Powell Cemetery, a personal storage facility of sorts, is getting a new neighbor: a 91,000 sq ft 3-story personal storage facility (3854 S. Orange Ave, Orlando | MAP). 
The new facility will be 1.98 acres and include a parking lot. 
The cemetery is not part of the parcel and is not even platted by the city. It's located at 3858 S. Orange Avenue (MAP)

Powell Cemetery has 38 marked and 12 unmarked graves. The oldest date on a tombstone there is 1880. The cemetery is named after Isaac Powell. The cemetery is the pioneer's family cemetery. Source

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Youth Shelter Gets Dunkin Donuts Neighbor

A Dunkin Donuts is coming to 1723 E. Michigan St.

It will sit just across from the Orange County Youth Shelter (Website) at 1800 E Michigan St (MAP).

The Youth Shelter provides temporary housing for youth experiencing a variety of problems.

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, youth at the shelter may be homeless, runaways, lockouts or may be seeking a cooling off period during a family crisis.

The Youth Shelter accepts referrals from families, schools, the court system, DJJ, DCF, law enforcement and other agencies.

They can be contacted at (407) 836-7626, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for additional information.

Orange County Youth Shelter (Website)

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Orlando Sentinel Property Up for Sale

According to Growthspotter, the 18.69 acres of prime downtown Orlando real estate (worth an estimated $40 mil) under the Orlando Sentinel building at the corner of Orange and Colonial (for which the newspaper has a 10 lease) will go up for sale.

The property is at 633 N. Orange Ave (MAP) and contains offices, parking lots and a large printing press. 
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OPINION: Shameless Orlando Science Center an Over-Funded Glorified Event Rental Space

By Mark Baratelli
Disliker of Orlando Science Center

UPDATED 5:40pm 1/28/16 When I have my answers from Flora Maria Garcia at United Arts, I'll have a more rounded-out opinion piece. 

The Orlando Science Center's latest exhibit centers on Harley Davidson motorcycles.


This organization, which is 100% not arts related*(they hung art in time for Otronicon and now the art walls will be a permanent fixture), takes a significant portion of arts funding from United Arts. United Arts proclaims that science somehow has something to do with the arts. It doesn't. So go Orlando Science Center should get your their funding from science orgs, please. This sentence just makes no sense and I retract it.

I will not however retract my criticism of United Arts, one of the funders of Orlando Science Center. Over a month ago, we questioned United Arts' giving practices with regards to Science and History via email. We initially reached out with questions for their PR person. They cou…

Publix Stays Old-School While Whole Foods, Aldi and Trader Joes Go Smaller, Cheaper, Better

Publix (Website) is the dominant grocery store brand in the Orlando area. It trades on the model of huge variety, huge store footprint, higher prices (justified by a no-cost-to-them feature: customer service) and a dependance on national brands.

Oh, and they have more money than Wal Mart. So the model is working for them.

Aldi (Website) is a German grocery chain that's a sister company to Trader Joes (Website). Both offer private label products versus national brands. Prices are generally cheaper at the two stores than at traditional grocery stores and the store footprints are smaller.

A new entrant to the market from Germany, Lidl, will also use the private label, smaller foot print model.

This newer model has been noticed by another grocery store chain, Whole Foods. They, unlike Publix, are jumping onto the bandwagon with glee.

Whole Foods just opened a mega store on January 20th in Altamonte Springs. They're not getting out of the larger-format store game anytime soon.


Big Mac Sauce in Bottles Not Sold in Orlando Yet

Big Mac Sauce is being sold by the bottle for now only in Australia. But for those Orlandoans who want the sauce right now, they  can make your own. Ew.

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Convoy of Florida Trucks Head to Washington to Help with Snow Clean Up

The Florida Department of Transportation has sent a clean-up response convoy Washington D.C. to assist in snow removal. Photo Credit: FDOT

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Tiny Homes Concept Presented to County Commission

A home in Orlando's first tiny house neighborhood
On January 26th the Orange County Board of County Commissioners heard a presentation about tiny homes from (1) the Community, Environmental, and Development Services Department and (2) the Planning Division.

The presentation was called "Affordable Housing in Bithlo and Tiny Homes" and was for informational purposes only. 
Orlando already has the beginnings of its first tiny house neighborhood.

The tiny homes would be built in Bithlo. 
The presentation also included two other topics: "the County's project approach in transforming a specific property challenged by code enforcement into a success story highlighted by a potential partnership with Habitat for Humanity in Bithlo."Summary of the County's broader Habitat for Humanity's partnership Have a tip about Orlando-area development? Send it to

Winter Park Warehouse to be Turned into Offices

A Winter Park warehouse at 906 Railroad Avenue (MAP) is getting turned into a mix of office and warehouse if Railroad Studios, LLC's gets their variance to allow the construction remodeling at the Board of Adjustments hearing February 16th.
The company will also ask for a reduction in the number of required parking spaces down from 24 to 10. 

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3 Ideas Proposed for Dead Corner on Orange Ave in Winter Park

Three ideas were proposed for the odly-shaped 3.73 acre property with frontage on Orange Avenue, Denning Drive, Palmetto Avenue and Cypress Avenue during a joint session on January 19, 2016 with the Economic Development Advisory and Planning & Zoning Boards to discuss the property. 
On September 14, 2015, Winter Park City Commission requested that the Planning & Zoning Board advise them on “what they believe is the best fit for this corridor for the City’s Progress Point property." 
The Planning & Zoning Board held a public meeting on November 3, 2015 to collect the public's input and ideas. On January 19th, they held the joint session.

The land was appraised at approximately $5.7 Million ($35 sq/ft). 
The current and future zoning of the property is office professional with a maximum height of 3 stories. 
The recommended "best fit" as proposed by the Planning on Zoning Board is as follows:  Want to see retail/restaurant/designer row on Orange Avenue fron…

Sanctum Plant-Based Restaurant Opens Behind Dead Chevron Brownfield

The Sanctum restaurant (Facebook) at 715 N. Ferncreek Ave. in Orlando describes itself as "a whole foods, plant based restaurant committed to serving real, damn good food in Downtown Orlando."

Their menu (view it here) includes acai bowls, quinoa bowls, breakfast and salads.

The Sanctum is located behind the dead brownfield Chevron gas station soon to be a mixed-use project. 

RUMOR ALERT: Segafredo in Mills Park Closed Permanently

UPDATED 1/26/16 3:08PM

Rumor Alert: We spoke with an unnamed person who we met at the Segafredo location who told us that Segafredo was not closed for renovation as previously stated, but closed permanently and that the space is currently being shown to potential restaurant tenants.

The restaurant tables and chairs had been pulled out and set up despite the restaurant being closed.

5 men were walking around the space and eyeing it.

We have calls in with Segafredo and 2 office locations of the management company for Mills Park for clarification. 

UberEATS Lunch Delivery Not in Orlando Just Yet

UberEATS  (Website) launched in 10 cities, none of which are named Orlando. But that's ok. It'll come soon enough. 
UberEATS creates a curated menu made up of dishes from multiple restaurants. It has the same cashless payment system as Uber Drive and you meet your driver out in their car to pick up your food. 
You can get things like a 6-pack of gourmet donuts (seen at left) delivered to your door for lunch! Donut lunch!
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Pedestrian Bridge Only Thing Interesting about Design for Westminster Towers Expansion

There's a proposed Westminster Towers expansion that includes a new 3-story, 49,000 s.f. Lifelong Learning Center, a 5-story, 429 space parking garage with 7,800 s.f. of ground floor office space and a new 14- story, 84 unit senior living facility.

The project is located at 80 W. Lucerne Circle, Orlando.

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Cycling in Orlando - The Map

City of Orlando has a great *free* map for cyclists in Orlando. DOWNLOAD HERE
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5 Relaxing Spots to Enjoy a Coffee Inside Castle Hotel

Castle Hotel on I-Drive has 5 distinct spots in which one can peacefully sip Intelligentsia coffee (the house brand).

1. The Secret Garden: see-thru chairs and false grass surrounded by a potted hedge gives privacy and coziness.
2. Mini Park: two-seater space nooked inside a garden path features glow rocks.  The rocks light up at night!
3: Welcome to Miami: Yes a parking lot is one fence away, but don't close your eyes and do pretend you're in Miami.
4: Fern Gully: More clear lucite furniture set atop rounded pathy false grass give it a cartoonish Alice in Wonderland vibe.
5: like a newly constructed dead greenhouse, this grey and green hued mini restaurant is never full.

9-Unit Apartment Building for $400,000

This 9-unit apartment building at 704 Cordova Drive, Orlando, FL 32804 is listed at $400,000. It's called Cordova Apartments, was built in 1925 and is 3 blocks away from OBT.

The 9 apartments are made up as follows:
three one-bedroom/one-bathroom unitsfour efficienciestwo two-bedroom/ two-bathroom units
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