Winter Park's New York Ave Getting New Streetscape

Rendering of New York Ave at the Lyman intersection near the railroad crossing 

Winter Park's New York Ave is getting a new streetscape. It's scheduled for fiscal year 2016-2017 at a total cost of $1,762,183. It's a concept only and still would need Agency review when it moves forward.

Proposed improvements to include
  1. Bricked intersections
  2. Landscaping
  3. Sidewalk beautification
"Coordination with FDOT will be required to brick the intersection of Fairbanks and New York Avenue."

"An additional $680,000 also may be proposed for concrete panels to be placed at the New York & Lyman Avenue Intersection to mitigate rough railroad crossings. However, this improvement has not been programmed into the CIP and requires further evaluation of possible revenue sources and design."

Another improvement is the addition of bulb-outs:
From Wikipedia: "A bulb-out is primarily used to extend the sidewalk, reducing the crossing distance and allowing pedestrians about to cross and approaching vehicle drivers to see each other when vehicles parked in a parking lane would otherwise block visibility."
"No parking spaces will be lost as the proposal instead formalizes the existing ones and eliminates illegal parking (such as near the railroad tracks during the Farmer’s Market). This is done through bulb-outs."

The Agency says This "project has safety, aesthetics, and blight remediation elements. Each of these components have been shown to have significant impact on areas from a social as well as an economic perspective."

This project is part of the proposed fiscal year 2015-2020 Capital Improvement Plan that was approved December 2015 unanimously by the Winter Park Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board. READ IT HERE.

Click the rendering above for a closer look

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