The Snout House Town-Not-Town Called Kindred

According to, a new 1,600 acre faux-town named Kindred (Website) will bring several thousand single and multi-family dwellings along with retail to Central Florida.

Two reasons Kindred is a Monster:

  1. More Snout Houses. Exactly 3,000 snout houses will be constructed. What's a snout house? It's a derogatory term to be sure. It's a style of architecture that places the garage in the front of a house as opposed to behind it, eliminating much of the street interaction the house would normally have. If anyone is to be blamed for the sameness, blandness and complete detachment from urban life and community in Central Florida, it is developer like this. 
  2. Kindred is a Town-Not-Town. The developers are calling Kindred a town. It's not a town and will never be a town. It's not legally a town but they are allowed to call it a town in their branding and who in the general public really knows what makes a town a town and who would even think to ask "Hey lady is this a town?" It's a residential and commercial development using the words "Town of" when actually it's got no plans to incorporate or provide city services. 

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