The Ganachery - Disney Springs to Treat Chocolate and Ganache Like a Wine Tasting

Disney Pastry Chef Stefan Riemer is creating all the products (except the chocolate bars below) for The Ganachery, a new chocolate shop coming to Disney Springs (Website) December 15h.

Disney says the shop will give guests the feeling of a wine tasting, but for chocolate according to Disney.

Chocolatiers will say "hey girl" to guests as they walk in. Reminds us of Ghirardelli, right? When they give you that free square that primes the pump and gets you salivating for more? Right? Hello?

An expert will be present at all times making the treats like this chocolate chains in the malls in the 1980s. Remember them? They had people stirring chocolate and dumping it onto big marble tables and singing songs the whole time. It was a show. This won't be a show, but the "look we're making it before your eyes" thing is show-ish.

They will have a signature flavor: dark chocolate with orange flavoring. Because Florida. 

The main feature will be ganache, a mixture of chocolate and milk. It's a proprietary blend so no one else has it. HAAAAY!

The shop will not be about candy or sweet: just chocolate.

Their chocolate will be a bold, 65 percent dark chocolate made with a touch of vanilla.

There will be four flavor categories total:
  1. Spices (like chipotle)
  2. Classic (like orange, vanilla and caramel)
  3. Trendy (like matcha yuzu chocolate)
  4. Fruit (like passion fruit and calamansi)
Here are two more reasons to try the place out:

1. Dark Chocolate-Covered Mini Stollen
Mini Stollen are traditional German fruit breads with Marzipan either inside, outside or mixed into the dough. The Ganachery's will be outside. 

What traditional Mini Stollen doesn't ever have is chocolate on top. The Ganachery will have a dark chocolate blend on the outside. 

This is one dessert that can be made and then frozen, which may be why The Ganachery chose it as a holiday treat.

It'll be available in the Winter months only.

2. Chocolate Bars - We don't know who is making the nine varieties of pre-packaged chocolate bars (they're not made in-house), but we love the packaging.

Wonder if Disney Pastry Chef Stefan Riemer is like "Y'all, I can make these!!!"