The Beacon - 6 Story Public Art Piece at Lake Nona Town Center

Lake Nona's 6-story public art project called The Beacon was announced publicly on Monday December 14th.

Created by JEFRË (designed the installation), Michael Counts (video concepts and design) and 3-Legged Dog (video), the piece will be the main focal point of the first phase of Lake Nona Town Center.

From the press release:
"The Beacon is a 60-foot sculptural steel enclosure, inspired in part by the first Stethoscope, wrapped with high-definition video projections, creating cinematic video artwork that will bring the structure to life each night. The Beacon is hollow inside and its outer layer is composed of aluminum panels with scalloped edges. Featuring a rotating array of sculptural video concepts conceived by Michael Counts and created by a team of designers at 3LD, the look and character of the structure – as well as the overall experience at Lake Nona Town Center – will be continually evolving."
Behind The Beacon is a 264 ft wall covering a parking garage. Called Code Wall, binary code is cut into the wall and dichroic glass panels are embedded. LED lights are set to perform light shows.