Bitch Please: Shitty Aramark Presents Its Shitty Vision for Its Shitty Cafeteria

By Mark Baratelli
Fired Writer

The fuck. 

We told you in November that Aramark wasn't going to have to bid against any other food service company for the rights to slop their shit at UCF for the next ten years AND kick local restaurants out. 

Well, UCF was like YASS to Ara-maggot on November 19th and now they're in there for ten years, with the right to sell their shit to downtown students if/when that downtown campus opens up according to the Orlando Business Journal. 


In exchange for the MILLIONS this company will inhale, UCF gets a refurbished 750-seat dining trough in which their poor students have to eat. 

The designs are not innovative, boring and, when you think about the kicked-out local restaurants, the fact they didn't have to go up against other food service companies and were just HANDED the contract, shitty. 

Aramark now runs every single food aspect of the student unions at the following Florida schools: 
  1. UF
  2. FSU
  3. SF
  4. UCF
UCF is a bitch.