Restaurant With Record of No Hot Water and Live Roaches in Same Building as the Department of Business and Professional Regulation

A restaurant with a history of violations and (and one violation still ongoing) is operating in the same building as the government entity that inspects it!

Kalib's Kafe (Website) has had 13 complaint-based* inspections in 2 years. It currently has no hot water for its employees to wash their hands with and the public restrooms the employees use runs at 78 degrees.

The restaurant got temporarily closed by DBPR on August 4th and then again on August 24. 

The inspections are done by DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation). 400 W. Robinson Street is the address of Kalib's Kafe. 

It's also the address of DBPR. 

The currently ongoing problem with Kalib's Kafe is that hot water is not provided at the employee hand wash sink. There's also no hot water provided to these employees in the public restrooms. 

But don't blame DBPR just yet. There's another culprit. 

The hot water issue was noted May 2015. 

In July, Kalib management told DBPR that they were in the process of correcting the issue. An extension was issued by Valerie Freeman. 

In August, a report of "no hot water plumbed" was filed. Florida Department of Management Services (Facebook Fan Page) runs the restroom and was awaiting the final approval of the $8,000 bid. 

The restaurant got temporarily closed by DBPR on August 4th and then again on August 24. 

In October the bid for the hot water plumbing work was still not approved. 

On December 2, is was noted that there still was no hot water provided at the restrooms. The report says "Work still not approved by DMS."

We've reached out to DBPR for comment.

*A Complaint Full inspection is a complete inspection conducted as result of a complaint received by the division. If the inspector arrives at the establishment and determines that it is due for a routine inspection, the inspector has the option of performing a "Complaint Full" inspection.