Lake Nona Wanted Gigabit Bandwidth So They Did It Themselves

Lake Nona's was called "one of the single most concentrated areas of 1-gigabit bandwidth in America" by Chief Executive Magazine.

It went on to say that companies with a need for fast internet are looking for cities with 1-gigabit broadband networks. And Lake Nona's got it. And not just for companies: homeowners in Lake Nona get it to.

Throughout the 11-acre development is a complete fiber network that delivers "everything from content all the way to the device,”

Good luck finding that elsewhere in Orlando. 

Google Fiber passed Orlando by in favor of Tampa:

Orlando is said to have gigabit internet: "CenturyLink has expanded its gigabit internet service to select locations in Orlando. Prices start at $79.95 per month."

Tower cloud says they expanded it in Orlando in 2013. 

We found a map of 1-gigabit internet in Orlando, but there's not much there:

Lake Nona is working with a company that provides “cable, Internet, telephone, security and fiber infrastructure and a company that does installation and low-voltage wiring." This enables Lake Nona to "influence the customer experience from end-to-end."

So how did Lake Nona get gigabit bandwidth when a majority of Orlando doesn't have it? They created their own internet service provider: Dais Technologies. 

Lake Nona also addressed the issue of cell phones sometimes not working while inside buildings. They guarantee "100% reliable cell phone and mobile data coverage" inside the Medical City buildings via a shared distributed antenna system.
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