Full Sail Brings 1st-12th Graders into Fold with Full Sail Labs

Full Sail University did a ribbon-cutting ceremony December 11th for their new 4,800 sq ft Full Sail Labs (Website) project, a 1st-12th grade educational experience about technology, science, art and media.

  1. September: Tried a 2-week after-school program for a Longwood Private school
  2. October: Windermere Preparatory School got a presence on the campus with a customized program for its students.
  3. November: designed a program for the home school community and started a music and game design program for teens.

The goal of Full Sail Labs is to be "an engaging and open learning environment that allows children and teens to explore creativity through storytelling, art, and technology." Students can collaboratively explore, filmmaking, coding, animation, gaming, robotics and more.