Fairbanks + 17-92 Intersection Getting Revamp in Winter Park

The motion to accept the proposed fiscal year 2015-2020 Capital Improvement Plan by the Winter Park Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board was approved unanimously in a 7-0 vote. READ IT HERE.

One item included in the CIP is the proposal to make improvements to the Intersection of US 17-92 & Fairbanks Avenue. 

Proposed improvements to include

  1. gateway elements (Winter park sign)
  2. remarking crosswalk locations
  3. mast arm traffic signals (replacing the span wire stop ones)
  4. landscaping at each corner
  5. streetscape improvements
  6. curbing
  7. utility signage
  8. underground utility lines 
  9. lighting/light poles

It's a concept only and still would need Agency review when it moves forward. It's scheduled, however, for fiscal year 2018-2019 at a total cost of $1,285,648.

The Agency says This "project has safety, aesthetics, and blight remediation elements. Each of these components have been shown to have significant impact on areas from a social as well as an economic perspective."

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