Cyclists Unwelcome at Maserati/Ferrari Dealership

(Updated 10:29am 12/30/15 to include comments from Juice Bikes)

Lochrane Engineering, Inc. is requesting Master Plan approval to construct a 55,000 sq. ft. Ferrari and Maserati sales/ showroom and vehicle service center on the property at 4891 Vineland Rd in the Millenia neighborhood (MAP). 

But don't ride your bike to THIS Maserati/Ferrari dealership. 

They're required to provide 13 parking spaces for cyclists meant for the use of patrons and employees. However, Lochrane Engineering, Inc. says they'll only provide 6 parking spaces and "these spaces will primarily serve employees and not customers."

"They're just doing what other developers have been doing," says Peter Martinez, Director of Juice Bikes (Website).  "It's another example of why we need some kind of standard for these developers to follow if they want to build in our city." 

Martinez says that right now, someone can create a development and not accommodate at all for someone who uses a bicycle.

"It shouldn't be optional. You can't build cars without breaks. We should have the city provide rules for bike parking."

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