Copa America Centenario Soccer Tournament is a Rent-Free, Tax-Free, Fee-Free Event

Wear read the contract between US Soccer and City of Orlando and learned that US Soccer, the company producing the June 2016 Copa America Centenario soccer tournament at the Citrus Bowl, is not paying a rental fee for use of the Venue for the Event. From the contract: 
  1. "LOC (US Soccer) shall pay no rental fee for use of the Venue for the Event." 
  2. "The Venue Manager (City of Orlando) will pay up to $175,000 per Match ($150,000 if attendance is below 40,000 drop count) in Stadium expenses and no more than a total of up to $30,000 Stadium expenses for non-Match days during the Exclusive Period. LOC shall pay all actual, out-of-pocket expenses above $175,000 per Match ($150,000 if attendance is below 40,000 drop count) and above $30,000 for non-Match days during the Exclusive Period incurred by Venue Manager except for those items identified elsewhere in this Agreement as the responsibility of others, including Venue Manager."
The contract also states US Soccer gets 100% of ticket revenue and the City gets 100% of food and parking revenue. From the contract:
  1. "LOC (US Soccer) shall be entitled to one hundred percent (100%) of all ticket revenues..."
...and that the City gets the food, beverage and parking revenue: 
  1. "Venue Manager shall retain all food and beverage revenue..."
  2. "Venue Manager shall retain all parking revenue for the Event..."
The contract also states that US Soccer is exempt from paying taxes because the tournament is considered a "public sector event" and US Soccer is a non-profit:
"The parties understand that the United States Soccer Federation, Inc. (“U.S. Soccer”) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and the national governing body for soccer in the United States. U.S. Soccer is the single member of the LOC. The parties also understand that the LOC has applied for exemption from taxation. It is the parties’ understanding and intent that the Event be considered a public sector event, and be entitled to exemption from certain taxes otherwise due as a result of the Event. The parties will use best efforts to preserve any such tax exemption to which U.S. Soccer or the LOC may be entitled. Venue Manager shall assist U.S. Soccer and the LOC in filing all necessary forms and paperwork necessary for this tax exemption."
Expenses, revenue and duties will be shared equally between these three parties:
  1. Central Florida Sports Commission
  2. Orlando City Soccer Club, LLC
  3. Orlando Venues
Each party gets 1/3 of the following:
  1. Net local sponsorships (with written prior approval and non-competing of the US Soccer Federation) 
  2. Statewide and local grants 
  3. CITY net percentage of concessions (including suites), parking and merchandise sales 
  4. Net patron/corporate partner travel package sales (minus any fulfillment costs) 
  5. Net attraction ticket sales (minus cost of shipping, pay pal and credit card charges) 
  6. Hotel commissions (if applicable) 
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