Almost 1,000 Parking Spaces Lost to Bridge District in Downtown Orlando

The city's first conceptual working plan for the Bridge District (LEARN MORE)

(Edited 5:02pm 12-9-15) 

Downtown Orlando has 28,000 parking spaces according to the city's parking guide (Website).

Once the City of Orlando's Bridge District (about) is built, almost 1,000 of those spaces will be lost.

According to the city, exactly 869 parking spaces will go to make way for the Bridge District, a gathering spot for food, shopping, community and sports. The exact location of the district is unique: underneath I-4.

In 2013 we told you about the Bridge District coming. Yesterday we gave you the first look at the City of Orlando's conceptual working plan for the district.

The Bridge District will take the place of city-run parking lots. The land is owned by the Florida Department of Transportation.

There are several other parking garages downtown visitors can use:
  1. 55W Garage 60 W. Pine St. Orlando, FL 32801
  2. Administration Center Garage 300 Liberty Ave. Orlando, FL 32801
  3. Central Garage 55 W. Central Blvd. Orlando, FL 32801
  4. Centroplex I Garage 441 Revere St. Orlando, FL 32801
  5. Centroplex II Garage 355 Alexander Place Orlando, FL 32801
  6. City Commons Parking Garage 460 Boone Ave. Orlando, FL 32801
  7. City Lot 9 57 S. Hughey Ave. Orlando, FL 32801
  8. City Lot 10 81 N. Hughey Ave. Orlando, FL 32801
  9. Courthouse Garage 46 E. Amelia St. Orlando, FL 32801
  10. Garland Lot 25 S. Garland Ave. Orlando, FL 32801
  11. Jefferson St. Garage 62 W. Jefferson St. Orlando, FL 32801
  12. Library Garage 112 E. Central Blvd. Orlando, FL 32801
  13. Parking Division Office 53 W. Central Blvd. Orlando, FL 32801
  14. Washington St. Garage 50 W. Washington St. Orlando, FL 32801