Photos - Orlando's First Mountain Bike Park Lake Druid Park

On October 20th, we told you that Orlando's First Mountain Bike Park, Lake Druid Park, is is opening October 31st at 10am. 

The park was off limits to non-city employees on October 23rd, so our photos had to be taken from behind the fence that lines the park and faces the bike trail. 

The park can be found at 899 Coy Drive, Orlando, FL 32803 and includes a large open field, new trees, a paved walking path, Mountain Bike Trails, pump track and a community garden.

Once known as Area C, the land used to be "polluted with tetrachloroethene from an old dry-cleaning facility," according to the Orlando Sentinel. This land was part of a larger give from the Navy to the city, but "city officials resisted taking" it.

The grounds got a cleaning and in 2009, the U.S. Navy conveyed this 19-acre site to the City through the Federal Lands to Parks program at no cost to Orlando residents.

However, in 2012, when some leftover warehouses were demolished, they found more chemicals which required another cleanup by the Navy, this time costing an estimated one million dollars according to the Orlando Sentinel