Orlando Fringe Show Spotlight- PROFESSOR SOAP'S MUSIC MACHINE

By: Denna Beena
Contributing Writer
& Fringe Fanatic 

I kind of love this show. I kind of wish it were done in the purple venue but when it didn't have the cover thingies on the ceiling and it did have those fun starry lights. I kind of wish those who were in the audience would have jumped up and danced!! Of course that would be dancing while watching the very cool and fun films that they had going behind the music. 

Need a pick me up while at Fringe? Catch this little nugget of a show! You'll leave happy and mellowed out! Professor Soap's Music Machine should be on everyone's Fringe schedule! 

From the Fringe website:

Length: 15 Venue: Yellow Price: $3 (+svc. Charge) BUY TICKETS
Disc.: None
Rating: All - 
"The cerebral, delightful animated works of Professor Soap come to life with live musicians and shared crowd experiences. This interstellar, 13-minute self-guided journey through happiness is suitable for all ages. Prepare for maximum smileage.”

Onlly 2 show days left to catch them, 5/22 and 5/24. 
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