Mills50 Getting Skipped Over in Proposed Bus Route Linking Creative Village to Fashion Square Mall and UCF

A $2 million dollar study has been commissioned by LYNX designed to connect all of State Road 50 (Colonial), The Creative Village, UCF and the redeveloped Fashion Square Mall and make these areas more pedestrian friendly, connected and vibrant. Right now the Mills 50 District between I-4 and Bumby is the ONLY area on Colonial Drive proposed NOT to receive more investment. This area was in initial consideration as alignment 3A but has since been removed. The alternatives now being considered use Robinson (instead of Colonial), thus bypassing the core of our district and heart of SR 50! The leaders of the Mills50 district are holding an open house and public meeting Thursday, February 20 at 6pm at Quantum Leap Winery to discuss the issue and educate the public.