CFLAS Immersed opens to rave reviews!

By: Denna Beena
Contributing Writer

The Central Florida Aquarium Society opened Orlando's first ever aquaculture art show at CityArts Factory in the heart of downtown Orlando. The gallery was packed as people were delighted by aquatic animals and beautiful art from local artist. The show was produced by me aka Pink Hair Productions and I am super proud of how it came together. There are many "firsts" in this show and some truly amazing work both by artist and aquascapers. 

Check out this time lapsed one hour clip from the Thursday night.

As part of the exhibit CFLAS has installed a DropCam that allows 24 hour viewing if the gallery. A first for any exhibit at CityArts Factory. In addition, CFLAS is holding a silent auction that will end March 1st of one of the aquarium's on display. A 110 gallon tank along with all of the equipment and contents will go to the top bidder. The aquarium up for bid contains a beautiful assortment of South American cichlids. Bids are accepted only at the Immersed show. Fish Gallery is the sponsor of the display and does offer delivery and set up for an additional cost. 

Artist from all over Florida submitted pieces for the show. Immersed is displaying paintings, photography, sculpture and live art in aquatic terrariums

Mermaid ( Metal Work)
by: Julie Finnigan

Predators (Photography)
by: Zach Ransom

Devour (Acrylic on wood)
by: Unladylike

Aquatic Terrariums
by: Christina Duncan

Enchanted Silence ( Acrylic Hand Emnellished Canvas Print)
by: Angel Egle Wierenga

Various artists

CFLAS Immersed will be on display in Gallery 29 at CityArts now until March 14th, Tuesdays- Saturdays 11am- 6pm. See more by looking at #GetImmersed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.