Monday, November 18, 2013

Photo Gallery: Opening Day at Universal CityWalk's Red Oven Pizza Bakery

Red oven pizza bakery universal orlando CityWalk opening photos
Red Oven Pizza Bakery: now open at Universal Orlando CityWalk
When theme park adventures are interrupted by cravings for freshly made pizza and gourmet salads, visitors to Universal Orlando Resort have a brand new eating option in the form of Red Oven Pizza Bakery, the latest addition to CityWalk's dining lineup.

This beautiful al fresco quick-service restaurant, which replaced the Pastamore Market takeout counter, features handmade artisanal pizza and fresh-tossed salads using ingredients like San Marino tomatoes, house-sliced procciutto hand-pulled mozzarella, first pressing extra virgin olive oil, and filtered water. The pizzas themselves are fired in the namesake display oven, and cook to a nice char in only 90 seconds. All the entrees are in the $9 to $13 range and are large enough to share.
Enjoy this gallery of photos from the restaurant's first day of operations, taken on Friday 11/16/2013, and click here for video of the Red Oven Pizza Bakery opening.


miguel said...

The tile work is beautifull the pizza its ok

Anonymous said...

This definitely looks like an amazing pizza restaurant and I would definitely love to eat there.