Saturday, November 30, 2013

Orange Bike Guerrilla Marketing Campaign in Colonial Plaza

A guerrilla marketing campaign for a local business has been going on for months in the Colonial Plaza (Coy Drive / East Colonial Drive) with bikes spray painted a flat orange color locked to the plaza's (mostly empty) bike racks. These racks are located next to the more heavily-trafficked areas like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and Too Jays. An orange truck topped with an orange bike is also involved, switching parked positions every few days from in front of Starbucks to spaces lining Colonial. 

The bikes are a fun visual addition to the rather drab creme on creme plaza color scheme. And while guerrilla marketing can be a fun, creative and some times low-cost way to market, a few of our readers on instagram are not fans of this campaign. We shared a photo of one of the bikes and got these comments:
  • disc13207 ...they are taking up valuable bike space.
  • mediocredan They should stop with the stupid orange bikes and donate all of them to children that need something fun for Christmas. I hate the... bikes!
  • opticalplumet Just an all around waste.
One reader makes a good point about the lack of bike traffic and need for the bike racks in this plaza. 
Below are the bikes. 

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Anonymous said...

From a marketing perspective - it's been pretty effective since we're talking about it and lots of people have seen them.

Personally I just think of all the ruined bikes - they may have been junk before getting painted, but even a junk bike can get repaired or used for parts. Now they're all pretty much scrap and I wonder if they have a PR move to explain what they've done with the bikes when they get removed.