Too Many Questions with Sandia Ahlers

By Mark Baratelli

Sandia Ahlers is one of the leads (we don't talk to chorus thank you dammit) in Theatre UCF’s upcoming production of The Drowsy Chaperone. She plays the Chaperone. We asked her some thoughtful, professional questions any self-respecting theatre major should be able to answer and we got, well, this. Anyways, if you can make it through her flowery dribble-drabble flibble-flabble, you may get to know a little about her and the show she's in. Or not. I don't care. I'm not in it.

Too Many Questions with Sandia Ahlers

1. Who is the least talented person in your cast?
Sandia Ahlers: Well, me obviously! This entire cast is incredibly talented. They suit their roles beautifully, so it's difficult to compete!

2. Which chorus member resents not getting a lead role the most?
SA: It's more like, "Which lead wishes (s)he could be in the chorus?" The ensemble get to share in all of the funniest moments of the show- AND they get to dress up like monkeys! Let's be honest, monkeys trump chaperone any day.

3. Tell me the truth. How are the sets? I mean really.
SA: Tell you what, come see the show and count how many trick entrances our set designer, Sarah Morgan, managed to fit on this stage. Then ask me that question.

4. Does UCF have a thingy like Rollins Confessions where students say crazy stuff anonymously?
SA: Wouldn't it defeat the purpose if I told you?

5. After shows, how drunk do you get? How drunk does the girl playing Janet get? Who gets drunker... and why?
SA: Interesting you ask- my best friend would tell you that I have a serious drinking issue: I can't leave home without a tumbler full of water or green tea. And I'm sure Caitlin (Janet) would agree- we live on throat coat during show weeks! It's important to stay hydrated when you are singing all day and night!

6. Your character is female. How do you work with that?
SA: Well we try not to overwhelm the men too much. Luckily I do get to bring in some life experience, and there is always the internet.

7. You know what song I hate? That song where the fat white woman sings about "My dress." Did your director cut that? Do you like that song? Does *anyone* like that song?
SA: I honestly disliked that one too before I read the show. There isn't one song that I would cut from this show because they are all hilarious. If we don't have you rolling in the aisles by the end of Act One, we haven't been doing the material justice.

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