Operation Gratitude Orlando Halloween Candy Collection in in Full Swing Thanks to Trinity Preparatory School Senior

Andrew Weinstock, a senior at Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, is on his fifth year collecting Halloween candy for deployed soldiers as part of the 2013 Operation Gratitude Orlando Halloween Candy Collection.  Last year he collected 10,460 lbs and this year's goal for himself is 12,000 lbs. (6 tons). The candy collection runs from October 15th - November 18th.

Operation Gratitude sends individual care packages to soldiers deployed in various combat zones throughout the world. The care packages include items such as hygiene products, magazines and letters of appreciation from school children as well as handmade cards and pictures. The letters build morale. These boxes also include candy collected during Halloween. The candy is used as a tool to foster community relations with local village children, and is also given to them as “currency” in exchange for information that frequently saves the lives of U.S. soldiers. This candy is not only a sweet treat from home, but is also given to the local village children, who in exchange tell the soldiers life-saving information about enemy troop positions, IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), and other important intelligence. The candy saves lives!

This year there are over 30 schools involved in the Halloween candy collection. There are more then 50 businesses and offices throughout Central Florida that have decorated collection boxes making it easy customers and employees to donate their extra Halloween candy, a convenience that allows more and more people to participate. From candy corns to chocolate bars, any and all candy is accepted. Please keep in mind that there is no cost to participate, people can just donate their extra Halloween candy. He can bring a candy collection box to an office, school or business.
Contact Andrew Weinstock at OpGratitudeOrlando@gmail.com