Halloween Review: The Shallow Grave

By: Denna Beena
Contributing Writer
photo by https://www.facebook.com/TheParanormalPaparazzi

When I first heard that there was going to be a new haunt opening in Winter Haven I thought, "Oh that's nice". When I heard that my super talented friend JD Ellis, owner of Post Mortum FX was going to be involved I thought, "That's going to be bad ass" and after driving close to an hour to get there, The Shallow Grave BLEW every expectation right out the being chased by a maniac door!!

This place has got to be on every Halloween, horror loving persons schedule. In my opinion (and I am not alone) it is the best haunted house in Central Florida and that IS taking into account the big players HHN and HOS and the other really great solid local haunts.

You can clearly see that the design, build and follow through was done by people who have looked at what works and what doesn't and then pushed even further to bring scares that are very well played. The detail is amazing. The effects are like what you should see at a big theme park. All of this is tied with a juicy bloody ribbon and begs you to come in for more! And yes, you heard the people, they can touch you.....

photo by https://www.facebook.com/TheParanormalPaparazzi
I am super excited to find out that they will be adding a second house to next years schedule and possibly a third down the road. The Shallow Grave WILL be a MUST on my Halloween agenda. 

The Shallow Graves will be open this weekend until Saturday November 2nd 7pm till 11pm. Do your self a favor and make the trip!