Halloween Review: Phantasmagoria IV “Hell Hath Risen”

By: Denna Beena
Contributing Writer 
(photos by Kristen Wheeler)

Phantasmagoria is an event I look forward to every Halloween season! The show is so rich in story telling, beautiful sets, gorgeous costuming and amazing performers. For those who may not have seen this show, don't wait, see it this year. 
The stories are ones that you may have heard of like tales from Edgar Allan Poe and Charles 
Dickens but there are always surprises, nursery rhymes and tales from history that are brought into the show. 

I tend to get so absorbed into the show, it's like being taken to another time and place. You are surrounded by action and at times some of the characters will interact with you further bringing you into the story. The use of puppets is also beautiful and haunting. I feel like these creatures should be called something different than puppets because they are art. 

Phantasmagoria IV “Hell Hath Risen” is being performed at playing at the John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center, Loch Haven Park, October 11th – 31st. Tickets are $15 - $20 and can be reserved by calling 407.328.9005 (will call cash at door) or credit card orders online at www.redchairproject.com 

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