Halloween Review: Legends, A Haunting at Old Town

By: Denna Beena
Contributing Writer 

See the full set of photos from the press event

Monday night I had the honor of attending a press event at Legends, A Haunting at Old Town. I was blown away! This attraction has so many things working for it. A creative story, passionate actors and stunning effects. 
Legends brings back the fun and scares of attractions that have passed, Terror on Church Street and Skull Kingdom as well as the glory days of a larger them park event. Many of the actors and creatives are from those attractions which further strengthens the team and makes the haunt, a superior product and experience well worth it's $15 ticket price.
This attraction is taking hold in Old Town in Kissimmee.  Operating six days a week (Tuesday - Sunday, 7pm to 11pm) and open year round. It is in a soft opening phase right now! So go now and love it, then go again and see even more that has been added!
The story is based on the Ashdown family and their undertaking business. Rumor has it Legends may even offer weddings in the chapel, where they could marry and bury them all in one service! The Ashdowns have laid thousands of clients to rest....unfortunately some were still alive! The only problem, the dead won't stay stay dead! 
Mr. Ashdown told me his self "You see death is how the Ashdowns make a living and the business has been very good...till now."
It seems that now the Ashdowns and those foolish enough to enter the family's funeral parlor might be caught between the wickedness of the living and the wrath of the dead. 
Besides the amazing actors, state of the art effects and very clever and detailed sets the attraction includes items like a real mortuary table, Victorian post-mortem portraiture and
they say the attraction has it's share of actual ghosts! 
One of things this attraction prides itself on is the over all quality of the experience. Legends sends patrons through in groups of 6 or less, spacing the groups out in 5 minute increments. This gives the guest the opportunity to discover and experience the attraction at their pace! I LOVE this. So many attractions shuffle and push people through and have staff inside the haunt keeping the guests moving. This completely pulls you out of the scene and really cheapens the experience.  

While you are at Legends, do not skip the gift shop. You can tell the staff has taken care to choose items that reflect on the experience of haunt. From beautiful macabre gifts to masks and other Halloween merchandise, you'll find it at the end of the attraction. 
Opening in November Legends, A Haunting at Old Town will be offering actual Haunted History tours!! (I am very excited for this offering!!) The guides will shed lantern light on little known Victorian funeral customs and local ghost stories including a few that take place around the bricks streets of Old Town! The journey will end with a one of a kind after hours tour of the haunted house and although the creators of the tour can't guarantee you will see an actual ghost, they do promise you'll learn more about them. Since the tour does take place in a reported haunted venue, one never knows what will happen. 
I love this tag line: "Educational, Ethereal , Unforgettable, Discover the Ghosts of Old Town"
Personally I can't wait to go on a Haunted History Tour at Legends!!!