East End Market Closed for the Week After Fantastic Opening Weekend, Will ReOpen Saturday

After a fantastic opening weekend (see photos here) save the unexpected fire inspection at 1:30pm which forced the doors to close on opening day, East End Market is taking a breather this week and reopening Saturday November 2 at 10am, according to their instagram feed. Scott Joseph has more details

It was said in the opening remarks Friday morning at 9am by the man with the plan John Rife, that there is no blueprint for what this organization is doing. They're taking guides and cues from other cities, but there's no "Open an Inside Year-Round Market for Dummies" book out there at Barnes & Noble. So expect hiccups and learning curves. But to us, that's part of the fun. We get to watch as this fantastic business is born and grows into maturity. Sure to be a staple of the community, we are excited to watch the progress.